Capital Caper 2019 Wrap Up

Another very successful Capital Caper is in the history books. Unlike previous years there was an easier teach Friday night followed by dancing. We hope everybody liked this new format. The Saturday workshop included a delicious lunch, thanks to our Social Convenors Ziggy and Jenny. A big thank you to all who helped make this a successful event. Thanks also to our dancing friends who traveled from Montreal and Southern Ontario to attend and Steve & Irene for another excellent workshop.

If you want to see videos of Steve and Irene demoing each of the dances they are now on Dropbox. You can get to the videos here.  All of the dances are also featured in hi-resolution video on the “Glen & Helen” site here.  Please note that Glen & Helen’s website requires you log onto it. If you  don’t have authorization please email and I’ll arrange to get you authorization.

Less than 2 weeks to Capital Caper!

If you haven’t registered for this excellent dance workshop there’s still time. Dance teaches will be a Ph4 Slow Two Step on Friday afternoon, a Ph3 Rumba Friday evening (followed by a dance), a Ph5 Foxtrot Saturday morning and finally a Ph4 Jive Saturday afternoon. A Ph3-5 dance will take place on Saturday night.
More information is available on this website. Go to “Capital Caper Weekend” in the top menu.
We hope to see you there!

Carousel’s 2019/2020 Dance Season About To Begin!

I’ve forgotten. Is this a bolero or a foxtrot?

Can you believe it!  In less than 2 weeks the Fall dance season begins at Capital Carousels. It’s time to figure out where you tossed those dance shoes back in May.

Pat has been busy making up dance programs and the first couple are posted on this website so please check them out and start reviewing if you’d like.

The fee structure this year is the same as last year, $5 per dancer for each dance day if paying in advance for a complete session, otherwise $8 per dancer if paying each dance day.
Monday dances will run from Sep. 9 to Dec. 9 with no dancing Oct. 14 and Nov. 11.
Thursday dances will run from Sep. 12 to Dec 5 with no dancing Oct. 31.
The club’s anniversary dance will be held this year on Friday Oct. 4 and the “In From The Cold” benefit dance on Friday Dec. 13. Both dances will be potluck with the hall opening at 5:30PM and dinner starting at 6PM.

“Capital Caper” takes place this year on Oct. 25 & 26. One change to note, there will now be an additional dance on Friday night following a shorter teach.

That’s about it for now. Look forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor very soon.

April Update

Well spring is supposed to arrive any day now but I’m not holding my breath!

We are now into our Spring dance session which started Monday April 1st for the 3-5 group and Thurs. April 4th for the 3-4 group. The session will continue for 6 weeks for both groups, dance dates can be found under the “Club Calendar” menu on the website. For the Monday group please note there will be NO dancing on Apr.22 which is Easter Monday.

In other news the flyer and registration form for Capital Caper 2019 is now available. There is a section devoted to Capital Caper 2019 on the website under the “Capital Caper” heading. This years Caper will be held on Oct. 25th & 26th. It would be helpful to the organizers if you could get your completed registration form in as early as possible so they can get an idea on what attendance looks like. Past Capers have been well attended events with top notch instruction from clinicians Steve and Irene Bradt so don’t miss it.

“Swing Into Spring” is fast approaching. It is being held at South Grenville District High School, 1000 Edward Street North, Prescott, Ontario on May 3-5. The round dance program includes instruction at the phase 3 and 4 levels with dancing from easy rounds to phase 3 and 4 with a limited amount of phase 5 dances — as well as an “Introduction to Round Dancing” for those wishing to get started round dancing. The dance flyer can be seen at

As always our regular dance programs are available on the club website several days ahead of the actual dance date so you have some time to do your homework on dances if you wish. Remember there are demos of numerous dances on our Dropbox site at


Capital Caper 2018 Wrap-up

Another very successful Capital Caper was held this past weekend ( Oct 26 & 27 ).
Four dances were work-shopped by Steve and Irene Bradt; “In Times Like These”, a phase 4+2+2 West Coast Swing; “Life Is A Slow Dance”, a phase 4+2 Waltz; “Emotion”, a phase 5 Bolero and “Nostalgia”, a phase 4+2 Rumba.
Cue sheets for all these dances can be found on the club website’s Cuesheet page and demos of the dances performed by Steve and Irene at the Saturday evening dance are now on Dropbox at the link below.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this event such a success. A special thanks to the out-of-town dancers who traveled considerable distances to attend and as always Steve and Irene Bradt for their excellent instruction.

Thursday dancers remember there is no dancing this week on Nov 1st.

Remember it’s Halloween this Wednesday night. Please be careful  when you’re trick-or-treating and don’t eat too much candy!

Capital Caper is just 3 weeks away.

We are just 3 weeks away from this years “Capital Caper” and if you’re planning to attend this excellent workshop given by Steve & Irene Bradt, please fill out your registration form and submit it ASAP to help with final planning for the event. More info and a registration form are available on this website; just click on “Capital Caper Weekend” found in the menu at the top of each page.

The club is approaching one month operating with it’s new pre-cued music format. Things seem to have gone pretty smoothly all-in-all. A few issues with music sound levels but work is being done which should resolve this problem.

Remember Monday dancers that there is no dancing this Thanksgiving Monday 8th October.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


5th Anniversary Dance

Our first dance sessions for each group this past week seemed to go smoothly with no major hiccups.  Both groups were well attended and it was great to see all those familiar faces up on the dance floor once again.

The big news for the coming week is Capital Carousel’s 5th Anniversary Dance on Friday 21st September at Parkdale United Church. I’ve added the flyer at the top of this post but it won’t hurt to go over some of the details here.
The hall will open at 5:30PM with a “Pot-Luck” dinner taking place at 6PM followed by dancing from 7 – 9PM. There is no charge for entry but if you are able to bring something for the “Pot-Luck” it would certainly help out.
Even if you’re no longer an active dancer we’d love to have you come to this celebration and enjoy  meeting “old”friends.
Our Dance Program creator, Pat Black, would like feedback for creating an appropriate dance program for the evening. You can RSVP Pat by email at
The club looks forward to seeing many familiar faces at the dance.

What A Week!

It certainly has been a busy week at Capital Carousels!! Last weekend, our annual Capital Caper Weekend took place where we welcomed back our longtime instructors, Steve and Irene Bradt! We also had many Capital Carousels members, along with visitors from the Montreal area as well as some from Southwestern Ontario. Thanks to everyone who came. We hope you enjoyed your weekend! Things started off on Friday afternoon with a phase 3 quickstep called, Puttin’ On The Ritz where we had plenty of practice on our quarter turn and progressive chasse and also the strolling vine. On Friday evening, we learned a very nice phase 4 tango called After Midnight Tango where we had a lot of emphasis on technique. After a good night’s sleep, we got into foxtrot mode on Saturday morning with a phase 5 dance, Mommy’s Shoes where many of us were exposed to the continuous hover cross. After a nourishing lunch where we had a nice variety of sandwiches, cheeses, veggies and fruit along with some squares and cookies for dessert. Also a nice opportunity to catch up with some people we haven’t seen in awhile. On Saturday afternoon, we finished off the teaches with one which Steve and Irene wrote, a phase 4 cha called That’s What I Like About You. We finished off our weekend with a night dance where we got to enjoy dancing to Steve’s cueing. We also had a chance to view the Bradts doing the dance demos and then we got to dance them all twice. A busy weekend for sure! Capital Caper wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of Pat Black on the basic structure of the teaches and dance program and syllabus, Gavin Currie for his work with registration and Ian and Ann Webb for their work on planning refreshments and the Saturday lunch. Also thanks to Brian and Ann Gibbs for their work on Friday’s refreshments, Arlo Speer for equipment setup and takedown and all of those who helped out with setup and takedown at Saturday’s lunch-including some of our visitors. Now, we go back to our club and review the dances for our future dancing pleasure. Thanks again to all who attended!
Not to be finished this week, Capital Carousels had a special milestone on Wednesday! Not only was it our Annual Ghostly Gala, but it was also our 5th Anniversary Dance. As you can see by the picture posted here with this blog, we continue to have some very creative people coming in costume! With the help of the song, Purple People Eater, dancers paraded around the dance floor showing off their costumes. I was judge this year and although the decision was tough, the prize winners were as follows: 2nd Runner Up-Joe and Gail Larabie (flower and weed), 1st Runner Up-Ziggy and Jenny Segstro (patient and nurse) and Winner, Pat Black and Charlie Stuart (hotdog and coke). After a frenzy at the 50/50 table, Robert Read won the prize. Congratulations to all! As always Pat and Jill Ivay did a fabulous job on decorations and Ian and Ann Webb did a superb job on refreshments along with two cakes-one for Halloween and one for our Anniversary. Be on the lookout for pictures which I will post in the gallery here when I get them. It was a smaller crowd then we would have thought, but the weather was not on our side with rain and wind. We thank all of those who came out and “braved the elements”!
Thursday was a quiet day as we had no dancing due to other events at the church, so it gave us all a chance to recoup! Starting this week, the Caper reviews will begin. On Wednesday, Pat and John will start the foxtrot review of Mommy’s Shoes. On Thursday, Ziggy and Jenny will be back with us in teaching mode beginning the review of the cha, That’s What I Like About You! Lots of good dancing ahead! See you on the dance floor!

Capital Caper is One Week Away!

Are you ready for a fun dance weekend? Well, we just happen to have one coming up next weekend with our Annual Capital Caper Weekend. Be prepared for a busy Friday and Saturday when Steve and Irene Bradt will be back with us! Are you looking for a review of some standard quickstep figures? Friday afternoon will be just the ticket for you. Are you feeling fairly comfortable with phase 3 tango, and want to step up to some phase 4 tango? We will have a really nice tango which would be a nice introduction or refresher for phase 4 tango. Do we have any foxtrot lovers out there? Me! Me! Our most advanced dance this weekend will be a phase 5 foxtrot. Steve and Irene will be guiding us through it all and we will be “tripping the light fantastic” before our Saturday morning teach is over! Lastly, Steve and Irene will be presenting their own phase 4 choreography on Saturday afternoon as the last teach which will be a phase 4 cha. Life is always good with a little cha cha!
Hard to believe that Capital Caper is almost here! The anticipation is building! We hope to see you there!

For those who participated in the West Coast Swing teach this week, Lyn has recorded the dance and some teaching segments as well. Mike will be posting those on DropBox hopefully sometime this week. I will let you know when they are posted. Arlo and I will be available to help with anyone who wishes to practice the Man’s Underarm Turn (or other part we learned last week) before the regular session begins. Time for this will be tight on Wednesday night, but we should have sufficient time on Thursday morning. This is not mandatory—just for anyone who might be interested. Have a good week all!

Capital Caper Weekend 2017

As of today, it feels as though Fall has FINALLY arrived! With Fall, we think of the beginning of our dance season and when that starts, Capital Caper is not far behind. This year, the Caper will be held On Friday, October 27 thru Saturday, October 28. As in many years past, the ever popular, Steve and Irene Bradt will be with us! They will be putting us through the paces, learning some new moves and perfecting others!! I’m sure we all feel we have those dance moves that need perfecting! As in the past few years, we will have 4 teaches and a final dance on the Saturday night. Steve will be doing the cueing on that as well, as he has done in recent years. Also in the past few years, a lunch on Saturday has been included in Capital Caper. Some lovely sandwiches and tasty desserts have really hit the spot and all on site at Parkdale. No more wondering where to have lunch locally, working the commute, parking, eating and enough time to get back to Parkdale to begin the next session. This has been a popular addition to the Caper event and we are pleased to include it again this year.
Not only is it nice to see the Bradts again, it is also nice to see our out-of-town guests as well! We always enjoy dancing as well as the social aspect of the Caper.
“How can I sign up?” you ask. It is as easy as downloading the flyer right off of our website here! You can find it in the Coming Events section. If you are a club member and attend either our Wednesday or Thursday clubs, you can conveniently bring your registration and fee in to Gavin personally. If you live out of the area, Gavin’s address is found on the registration form.
The dance season is just beginning and some of the special events that go with it! Come and join us at Capital Caper! We will reserve you a spot on the dance floor!