Winter Session Starts Next Week

Happy New Year everyone. It’ll soon be time to dance off the calories from those Christmas goodies!

The Monday group will start dancing on Jan 7th with the session running for 11 weeks until Mar 25th. There will be no dancing on Monday Feb 18th, it being Family Day and the church closed.
The Thursday group starts on Jan 10th running for 12 weeks until Mar 28th.
Fees are the same as the Fall session; $5 per dance for dancers signing up for the complete session ($55 total for Monday dancers and $60 total for Thursday dancers.) If you pay for individual dance sessions it remains $8 per dance session.
If a dance session has to be cancelled for some reason, ie stormy weather, no heat at the church hall, etc, you’ll be advised by email (or telephone if you have no email), so it’s always a good idea to check your email before heading out to dance just in case.
The programs for next week’s dances are now posted on the website. There are no teaches next week, just plenty of dancing! Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the dance floor next week.

5th Anniversary Dance

Our first dance sessions for each group this past week seemed to go smoothly with no major hiccups.  Both groups were well attended and it was great to see all those familiar faces up on the dance floor once again.

The big news for the coming week is Capital Carousel’s 5th Anniversary Dance on Friday 21st September at Parkdale United Church. I’ve added the flyer at the top of this post but it won’t hurt to go over some of the details here.
The hall will open at 5:30PM with a “Pot-Luck” dinner taking place at 6PM followed by dancing from 7 – 9PM. There is no charge for entry but if you are able to bring something for the “Pot-Luck” it would certainly help out.
Even if you’re no longer an active dancer we’d love to have you come to this celebration and enjoy  meeting “old”friends.
Our Dance Program creator, Pat Black, would like feedback for creating an appropriate dance program for the evening. You can RSVP Pat by email at
The club looks forward to seeing many familiar faces at the dance.

Just 2 Weeks To Go

Dust off your dance shoes because there’s only a couple of weeks before the start of Capital Carousel’s 6th season.
If you were dancing with the 3-5 group on Wednesday evenings in the past, please don’t forget that your group will now dance Mondays from 10AM-Noon starting on Monday  Sept. 10th.
The 3-4 Thursday group will start on Thursday Sept. 13th from 10AM – Noon. As always please remember to bring your own coffee mug to help save the environment. Dance rates this season for the 12 week Fall session are $60/single or $120/couple if paid in advance or if paying weekly the cost will be $8/person.
This season without Donna at the helm things will operate a little differently using a group of “operators” that Donna trained last year to handle setting up and tearing down of the equipment and playing pre-cued music much of which is cued by Donna.
The club’s anniversary dance this year will be held on Friday Sept 21st. There will be no charge, hall opens at 5:30PM with a pot-luck meal at 6PM.
The annual benefit dance in support of Parkdale United’s “In From The Cold” program will be held on Friday Dec 7th. The dance will start with a pot-luck meal at 6 PM (hall opens at 5:30PM). Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Don’t forget this years “Capital Caper” will be held on October 26th and 27th. You can find more information about this excellent workshop and dance event on the club’s website under “Capital Caper Weekend”. A link is included to print out a registration form to fill out and mail in as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor soon!


St. Patty’s Day Celebrations This Week

This week at the club there will be a wee bit o’ green as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on both days this week. We do have a few irish themed dances to dance to and St. Patrick’s Day decorations will abound! This week will be an all dance day and you can expect some downtime for St. Patrick’s themed refreshments during our break time.
The luck of the Irish will be with us this week at Capital Carousels! See and be seen in a wee bit o’ green!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Christmas Scene

Boy Howdy! It’s sooooo cold! Although we always anticipate this time of year, we are privileged to have a warm home to go to and a warm meal to nourish the soul. Some people don’t have that privilege. In a month, we at Capital Carousels will be celebrating our Christmas Dance where in the past several years we have been supporting Parkdale United Church’s “In From The Cold” Program where they provide warm and nourishing meals for some less fortunate people in our area. How have we done this? By coming out to our Christmas Dance and providing a donation at the door! All proceeds received at the door go directly to the “In From The Cold Program”. We ask for a donation of at least $15/couple. If we receive a donation of $20 or more, you will receive a tax receipt. This is a most worthy cause and we also have the opportunity to enjoy a night of fun and fellowship to celebrate the holidays!
This year our, “In From The Cold” Christmas Dance will be held on Friday, December 8. We will start with a potluck dinner where we get a chance to enjoy all of our dancers cooking specialities!! We will have a signup sheet shortly for this, but in the mean time, pick out your favourite dish (either sweet or savoury). This was a huge hit last year and if you went home hungry, well….it was your own fault! Gasp) We will start serving around 5:30-6:00 so mark your calendars. We will have time to socialize with our friends during the meal and after we return the tables and get straightened out in the hall, dancing will start at 7:30. As in past years, many festive dances will also be on the program.
Many Christmas parties out there are just about celebrating and enjoying time with friends. We also have the opportunity to help out those in real need! Please plan to attend. As with all our special events, this is open to both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers. Lots of dancing and good times for all!

This week, Pat and John began the Caper foxtrot teach on Wednesday which will be continuing in the coming weeks. Ziggy and Jenny did a quick review of the Caper cha on Thursday and as the dancers did quite well with that, we will move forward. As the cha was expected to go on for a few more weeks, this coming Thursday will be a “Dance only” week as Ziggy and Jenny prepare the quickstep teach.
As Pat indicated at both clubs, the Caper teaches will be on the dance program right from the get go! In other words, we will not be waiting to put them on the program until we have done the reviews, but will have them on the program right away. The rationale is that we learned them at the Caper and we might as well keep them fresh by dancing them. If there are trouble spots, we can work on those during the review to come. As Pat also indicated, the most recent teach(es) taught, will be on the dance program back to back twice for a while to continue to give us all practice. This has been a real hit from the dancers and it will be continued.
Well that is about all for this week! Keep warm!

Breaking News!

How did you all enjoy your snow days this week? Well there might have been a few days off dancing, but your executive was hard at work making plans for the 2016-2017 season! Good news is that our club will be sponsoring some beginner round dance lessons beginning in September! We are also thrilled to announce that Susan and Doug Connors, cuer/instructors from Kingston and Capital Carousel members will be instructors! Susan and Doug have many years of beginner round dance instruction and we are glad to have them on board for this new direction for our club. In addition to beginner lessons, they will also be hosting our new phase 2-3 club! The club will be held on Thursdays from 1-3PM. The first hour will be devoted to lessons for brand new dancers or those who may want a refresher. From 2-3PM, Susan will be cueing phase 2-3 dances. For anyone who would like a refresher lesson in round dancing and an opportunity for some fun dancing afterward, this is the perfect setting. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in round dance lessons? Please be sure to tell them about our plans this September and give them a flyer. We all know what fun this is! Please let your friends know about our best kept secret! The lessons are posted in our Coming Events and we hope to be doing some round dance demos in our square dance community. Best advertising is word-of-mouth. Spread the word! We will continue to keep you up-to-date on plans as we go along.
Well, that news is pretty hard to top! Hope to be seeing everyone this week if the weather cooperates!