Capital Caper is One Week Away!

Are you ready for a fun dance weekend? Well, we just happen to have one coming up next weekend with our Annual Capital Caper Weekend. Be prepared for a busy Friday and Saturday when Steve and Irene Bradt will be back with us! Are you looking for a review of some standard quickstep figures? Friday afternoon will be just the ticket for you. Are you feeling fairly comfortable with phase 3 tango, and want to step up to some phase 4 tango? We will have a really nice tango which would be a nice introduction or refresher for phase 4 tango. Do we have any foxtrot lovers out there? Me! Me! Our most advanced dance this weekend will be a phase 5 foxtrot. Steve and Irene will be guiding us through it all and we will be “tripping the light fantastic” before our Saturday morning teach is over! Lastly, Steve and Irene will be presenting their own phase 4 choreography on Saturday afternoon as the last teach which will be a phase 4 cha. Life is always good with a little cha cha!
Hard to believe that Capital Caper is almost here! The anticipation is building! We hope to see you there!

For those who participated in the West Coast Swing teach this week, Lyn has recorded the dance and some teaching segments as well. Mike will be posting those on DropBox hopefully sometime this week. I will let you know when they are posted. Arlo and I will be available to help with anyone who wishes to practice the Man’s Underarm Turn (or other part we learned last week) before the regular session begins. Time for this will be tight on Wednesday night, but we should have sufficient time on Thursday morning. This is not mandatory—just for anyone who might be interested. Have a good week all!