Capital Caper 2019 Wrap Up

Another very successful Capital Caper is in the history books. Unlike previous years there was an easier teach Friday night followed by dancing. We hope everybody liked this new format. The Saturday workshop included a delicious lunch, thanks to our Social Convenors Ziggy and Jenny. A big thank you to all who helped make this a successful event. Thanks also to our dancing friends who traveled from Montreal and Southern Ontario to attend and Steve & Irene for another excellent workshop.

If you want to see videos of Steve and Irene demoing each of the dances they are now on Dropbox. You can get to the videos here.  All of the dances are also featured in hi-resolution video on the “Glen & Helen” site here.  Please note that Glen & Helen’s website requires you log onto it. If you  don’t have authorization please email and I’ll arrange to get you authorization.

Upcoming Events

Believe it or not, spring is coming and perhaps you are feeling a bit confined staying inside with all the snow and cold!! Maybe you are looking for some opportunities to get out and do something different. We certainly have our weekly outings to our club here, but there are other opportunities coming up you might want to look in to.
Nothing more appropriate to get out of the winter doldrums than attending Swing Into Spring! Certainly something to look forward to coming up this May 4-6 at the South Grenville District High School in Prescott, ON. This will be a square and rounds event with dancing and workshops available covering many levels. Cuers for this event will be Roy and Janet Williams from Amherst, MA. The Williams have been active in the round dance community for many years and have been involved in several round dance associations on different levels. They have a lot of experience to offer and you will enjoy learning and dancing with them. On the square dance side, there will be basic, mainstream, plus and A1 dancing and workshops available. Gary Winter and Jerry Jestin will be your callers for the weekend. There will also be a Mother’s Day Dance on the Sunday to wind things down. Registration form is available for download on our site here. Get your registration in before Apr 2 for a slightly reduced cost. The EoDance website has a page dedicated to Swing Into Spring where you can see what the schedule is. Check it out!
The first weekend of June-WOW will be on in London, ON. This is a very well organized festival with lots of dancing and teaches phase 3-5. Lunch and dinner are provided on Saturday and accommodation with breakfast provided at Fanshawe College. This year’s clinicians will be Curt and Tammy Worlock from Plant City, Florida. They bring lots of years of experience with them and if you are looking for a bit more challenge to your dancing, this weekend is for you. This weekend is June 1-3 and the registration flyer can be found on our website here.
London, ON will once again be offering lots of dance experiences when the 2018 National Square and Round Dance Convention arrives in town July 19-21. Lots of square and round dancing available covering many levels. Jerry and Bonnie Callen are Round Dance Chair for this convention so you can expect a good round dance experience. Again, the registration form can be found on our website here.
Thinking ahead, and a little closer to home, Capital Carousels will once again be having Capital Caper-October 26+27 at Parkdale United Church. Once again, we will be having the ever popular Steve and Irene Bradt to put us through our paces and providing us with some new dance knowledge and new dances to dance. Please mark your calendars to keep the spot open. Flyers will be available soon and our dedicated Capital Caper page will once again be open on our website in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
Well, we have no excuses not to be dancing. We seem to have some dandy opportunities coming up. Mark your calendars and make dancing a part of your upcoming plans.

Celebrating Birthdays

What a change this week! Beautiful weather and many of our traveling family have returned! Great to see everyone back in the nest. Thursday we had two birthday boys in our midst!! Al’s birthday was today and Walt’s birthday will be next week. We enjoyed some birthday cake and the boys enjoyed their legcrawls from all the Thursday morning ladies! What fun and good for a few laughs!
This past Monday we started our 4-6 Interest Group and had a nice turnout of 16 people attending! There are some bugs to iron out but overall the response was positive. This week we will continue work on the rumba, Something Stupid as well as the dance program. Thanks for the support and patience everyone!
This week both Wednesday and Thursdays groups finished their respective cha-chas as we move into the remaining 3 weeks of our regular season. Wednesday’s group will be working on Foxtrot where Thursday’s group will be working on Bolero. Remember as well, the Peltons will be here May 11+12. The signup sheet for our potluck lunch will be on Gavin’s desk. Please remember to sign up with your favourite dish!
As the weather improves, you might remember that Swing Into Spring will be held Apr 29-May 1 in Prescott. You can enjoy both squares and rounds and David Goss and Ulla Figwer, will be the round dance leaders again this year. Enjoy some time down along the St. Lawrence and learn some new dances and technique! It’ll be here before you know it!
Time is winding down in our season but we will be going off with fireworks! Fun times ahead!

First Day of Spring!!

Like we all needed an excuse right! Happy first day of spring fellow dancers! Warmer temperatures to follow, green grass, trees and flowers in bloom! Isn’t it delightful! Speaking of delightful…we had fun at our St. Patrick’s Day parties on both Wednesday and Thursday this week. Complete with decorations, food and of course…some Irish music and dancing! Some pictures of our St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans are on our website now!
With all of our Irish shenanigans, we did manage to get some workshops in as well. On Wednesday, Donna and John began a 3 week session on a phase 4 quickstep called, “The Truth About Love”. The cue sheet is available for download on our website here for anyone who wants to look at it. Next week, we will start on the chasse weave. Some videos you may like to take a look at in the meantime with that movement are “Almost Like Being In Love” and “Boogie Bumper”. Running forward locks and running back locks?? Same figure order except you are either going forward or back. Running forward locks—forward/lock-forward-forward-forward/lock-forward. Begins with lead foot free and ends with trailing foot free. Running back locks—back/lock-back-back-back/lock-back. Begins with trailing foot free and ends with lead foot free. Timing is the same for both—QQQQQQS. Our Thursday group finished the phase 4+2 rumba called “Because” and did an EXCELLENT job! Thanks for the help Ziggy! This week John and I will begin work on waltz technique with a new phase 4 dance.
As I have been talking about during our club announcements in recent weeks, EOSARDA’s Swing Into Spring will be happening toward the end of April. What is taught at the festival by David Goss and Ulla Figwer will be dependent on what the registered dancers are looking for. Planning on going?? Make your vote count by registering now!
Also coming up, the trial run of a 4-6 club using the Hurd’s Instructional Library. Dances, figures and technique will be taught by internationally known instructors, George and Pam Hurd via video. Not sure what to expect? You’ll never know if you don’t try it out. This all starts on Monday, April 11 at Greenboro Community Centre. May 11+12, will also be a couple of special days at our club as JL and Linda Pelton will be visiting our area and will be teaching on both days at our club! We will be finishing off that week with a potluck lunch at Parkdale immediately after Thursday’s session. Signup sheet for the potluck is now at Gavin’s table. Be sure to sign up your special potluck creation! By the way, both these days are not a part of the regular spring session, but is being offered for the incredible price of $5/person for BOTH days. Don’t miss out!
Yes, lots to look forward to head into Spring! See you on the dance floor!