April Update

Well spring is supposed to arrive any day now but I’m not holding my breath!

We are now into our Spring dance session which started Monday April 1st for the 3-5 group and Thurs. April 4th for the 3-4 group. The session will continue for 6 weeks for both groups, dance dates can be found under the “Club Calendar” menu on the website. For the Monday group please note there will be NO dancing on Apr.22 which is Easter Monday.

In other news the flyer and registration form for Capital Caper 2019 is now available. There is a section devoted to Capital Caper 2019 on the website under the “Capital Caper” heading. This years Caper will be held on Oct. 25th & 26th. It would be helpful to the organizers if you could get your completed registration form in as early as possible so they can get an idea on what attendance looks like. Past Capers have been well attended events with top notch instruction from clinicians Steve and Irene Bradt so don’t miss it.

“Swing Into Spring” is fast approaching. It is being held at South Grenville District High School, 1000 Edward Street North, Prescott, Ontario on May 3-5. The round dance program includes instruction at the phase 3 and 4 levels with dancing from easy rounds to phase 3 and 4 with a limited amount of phase 5 dances — as well as an “Introduction to Round Dancing” for those wishing to get started round dancing. The dance flyer can be seen at http://www.eodance.ca/flyers/190503SIS_Flyer.pdf

As always our regular dance programs are available on the club website several days ahead of the actual dance date so you have some time to do your homework on dances if you wish. Remember there are demos of numerous dances on our Dropbox site at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1cagnq30wix91y3/AAAXgiEtaP7syL7S3sE2MHQOa?dl=0


Just Around The Corner

Yes, we have a few events which are just around the corner indeed! Coming up first will occur a week from this coming Monday in fact-Monday, April 11! Our 4-6 Interest Group learning some popular international dances being done worldwide through the Hurd’s Instructional Library! We will be learning a dance via video instruction with George and Pam Hurd. This will be shown via a large wall mounted TV in a room large enough for dancing. We will start with some warmup rounds and then run the video, starting and stopping it as we go to practice. The Hurd’s will be demonstrating the entire dance and walking us through the dance in sections as well with good demonstration of the figures. We will also have a break time and some dancing to finish off the program. We will be starting with a 4+2 Rumba which I think you will enjoy. It is a new concept for us, but we will not know how it will work if we don’t try it out! If you feel fairly comfortable dancing at our Wednesday club this might be something you might like to try out! We hope to see you there. Check out our Coming Events section on our website here for the flyer.
Come the end of April, Swing Into Spring will be on the agenda in Prescott! Square and round dancing will be featured with separate halls for both. David Goss and Ulla Figwer will be back with some more excellent dances to teach us! Get your registration in and specify your dance levels you would prefer. All that’ll be left is the dancing! Check out our Coming Events section for the registration form if you still need it!
Our Spring Session is just 4 weeks in length this spring. It will run from the week of Apr 13+14 to May 4+5. On May 11+12 we have a special treat with JL and Linda Pelton, cuer/instructor couple from Dallas, Texas coming to spend a couple of days with us at our clubs. They will be teaching a dance on both days and both of these dances will be able to danced at both clubs. We encourage our dancers to come out to both days, meet JL and Linda and learn some new dances! We will also be having a potluck lunch on Thursday immediately after our dance day at Parkdale. Please bring your favourite potluck dish and let’s enjoy a lovely lunch together! Best news is, although this is not a part of our regular session, it is actually cheaper! We ask for $5 per person for both days! What’s not to like!
And lastly, our 2015-2016 Dance Season closes on Wednesday, May 18 with our final dance of the season-open to both our Wednesday and Thursday club members. All dancing and a short meeting in between. More talk of this dance to come!
As you can see, we have lots still to come in our season. Please check the front stage area for flyers of upcoming events. We have lots that will be happening after our dance season ends even. Keep your dance shoes handy! You will be needing them!

Winter/Spring Transition

It is Mar 6 and with warm temperatures outside, the snow is melting. We hope the transition to spring has started. At Capital Carousels though, spring will have to hold off for a few weeks as the end of our Winter Session has been moved to Apr 6+7 to make up for our 2 snow days we had in February. Our Spring Session will now be 4 weeks in length and run from the week of Apr 13-14 and end the week of May 4-5. The cost will be $28/person or $56/couple for the 4 week session. If you are paying per week, the fee will continue at $10/person or $20/couple. Also remember after our Spring Session ends, we will have some special visitors in on May 11+12 with a couple of bonus teaches-phase 3+4! JL and Linda Pelton will be with us and we get the benefit of their excellent instruction for just $5/person for BOTH DAYS! We will also celebrate immediately after Thursday’s session with a potluck lunch at Parkdale. What a wonderful way to end the Pelton’s visit and a fun 2 days. Can’t wait. Wednesday, May 18 will be our last day and a culmination of our dance season for 2015/2016. Both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers are invited and we will enjoy a full night of dance. Come and join us for our last dance of the 2015-2016 season!
With the spring comes the return of our snow birds! We look forward to seeing you all again and finding out about all of your adventures this year. Maybe even a few dances! It’ll be here before we know it!
It seems like it was so long ago when we started talking about Swing Into Spring. Unbelievable as it may seem, it will be here Apr 29-May 1. If you are wanting to go, now is the time to sign up. David Goss and Ulla Figwer will be back once again and as we know, they are excellent instructors. What levels are taught at Swing Into Spring are based on what levels the enrolled dancers have requested. They won’t know what level you want taught at the event if you don’t enroll and indicate it on the registration form. Sign up soon!
It seems like this year is flying by! We don’t want anyone to miss out on what’s going on as there is still lots to come in our dance season! See you on the dance floor!