Capital Caper Weekend 2017

As of today, it feels as though Fall has FINALLY arrived! With Fall, we think of the beginning of our dance season and when that starts, Capital Caper is not far behind. This year, the Caper will be held On Friday, October 27 thru Saturday, October 28. As in many years past, the ever popular, Steve and Irene Bradt will be with us! They will be putting us through the paces, learning some new moves and perfecting others!! I’m sure we all feel we have those dance moves that need perfecting! As in the past few years, we will have 4 teaches and a final dance on the Saturday night. Steve will be doing the cueing on that as well, as he has done in recent years. Also in the past few years, a lunch on Saturday has been included in Capital Caper. Some lovely sandwiches and tasty desserts have really hit the spot and all on site at Parkdale. No more wondering where to have lunch locally, working the commute, parking, eating and enough time to get back to Parkdale to begin the next session. This has been a popular addition to the Caper event and we are pleased to include it again this year.
Not only is it nice to see the Bradts again, it is also nice to see our out-of-town guests as well! We always enjoy dancing as well as the social aspect of the Caper.
“How can I sign up?” you ask. It is as easy as downloading the flyer right off of our website here! You can find it in the Coming Events section. If you are a club member and attend either our Wednesday or Thursday clubs, you can conveniently bring your registration and fee in to Gavin personally. If you live out of the area, Gavin’s address is found on the registration form.
The dance season is just beginning and some of the special events that go with it! Come and join us at Capital Caper! We will reserve you a spot on the dance floor!