About Us / Club Information, Committee Members & History

What You Should Know

Club Started:
April 2012

Dance Phase:

Dance Rhythms:
Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Slow Two Step, Tango, Quickstep, Jive, Mambo, Merengue, West Coast Swing

Pre-Cued Dances

Dance Days and Times:

Fall Schedule
Thursdays, Oct - Dec 10AM - 12PM
Phase 3-5 Dancing and Teaches
Parkdale United Church
Parkdale Map

Winter  Schedule
Thursdays, Jan  - Mar 10AM-12PM
Phase 3-5 Dancing and Teaches
Parkdale United Church
Parkdale Map

Spring Schedule
Thursdays, Apr - May 10AM - 12PM
Phase 3-5 Dancing and Teaches
Parkdale United Church
Parkdale Map

Capital Carousels Committee

Your Capital Carousels Executive is a dedicated group of people. They came together because of their interest and enthusiasm of choreographed ballroom dancing. Your Executive Committee for 2022/2023 are:
President ............................ Ziggy
Vice President ................... Gavin
Secretary ............................ Arlo
Treasurer ........................... Tom
Programs/Teaching ........ Pat B.
Ziggy & Jenny
Webmaster/Facebook ..... Mike
Social Conveners ............. Ziggy & Jenny

History of Capital Carousels

In the early 2000s, round dancing at the phase 4 and 5 levels in the Ottawa area was offered by Harmony Rounds (Don and June Cowan, dancing from their home) and Rhapsody Rounds (Daphne and Don Pearson, dancing from Parkdale United Church); there was a limited offering of phase 3 dancing by different local groups and both Rhapsody Rounds (at the John C. Mlacak Community Centre) and Harmony Rounds (from the Cowans' residence) offered phase 6 instruction and dancing.  


As Daphne and Don began looking forward to retirement, a number of the Rhapsody Rounds dancers began discussions that eventually lead to the formation of Capital Carousels.  Those discussions began early in 2012 and culminated in an Inaugural meeting of Capital Carousels on 13 April 2012.

Inaugural meeting 13 April 2012 Back row: Gavin Currie (standing left, Treasurer) Peter Graham (standing right, Membership Co-ordinator) Middle row: Arlo Speer (Secretary), Marion Mowle, Don Pearson, Daphne Pearson, John Mowle (Music Programmer), Ziggy Segstro (Chair) Front row: Jenny Segstro (Refreshments), Pat Black (Music Programmer), Donna Stewart (Publicity) Behind the camera: Charlie Stuart (Club Photographer)
Daphne and Don Pearson were strong supporters as Capital Carousels came into being.  They made their music available, offered guidance as our club began its existence and offered continual support.
The first major event conducted by Capital Carousels (in co-operation with Rhapsody Rounds) was a Roundalab Mini-Lab — an instructor and cuer training session, conducted by long-time Roundalab leaders, Irv and Betty Easterday.  The Mini-Lab was held 14 - 16 September 2012 and was attended by a number of local Ottawa dancers and others from Ontario and Québec.
Following the Mini-Lab, members of Capital Carousels helped Don and Daphne with the operations of Rhapsody Rounds’ regular dance schedule and operated some of the “Charity Dances” for which Rhapsody Rounds had become known.  Capital Carousels also held a dinner and dance evening at Parkdale United Church to pay tribute to the Pearsons on 21 September 2013.
On Hallowe’en 2013, Capital Carousels operated our first “Ghostly Gala” as Fall 2013 saw us begin regularly-scheduled dances using pre-cued music and some visiting cuers.  Donna Stewart became our club’s first cuer. She also handled the club's social media, with help from Arlo developing and maintaining the club's first website and Facebook page.  Capital Carousels also took over operation of Capital Caper — a regular fall dance workshop that previously had been operated by the Pearsons and a committee of local dancers.

Since our early start, Capital Carousels operated phase 3 - 5 dancing Wednesday evenings for a number of years and phase 3 - 4 dancing Thursday mornings.

In May 2018 Donna retired as our club cuer. She has allowed the club to use her pre-cued dance music repertoire as long as the club continues to function. This has been a tremendous help in  allowing the club to continue operating.

Starting in 2018, the phase 3 - 5 sessions were moved to Monday mornings and the Thursday morning  3 - 4 sessions continued, each operating from the Parkdale United Church in Ottawa.