‣is an international organization open for both teachers and dancers
‣offers a yearly convention where figures clinics, rhythm clinics and dance teaches are provided from some of the best round dance instructors worldwide. Must be a member to attend.
‣a Technical Dance Manual (TAC Manual) is available to all members online and also for purchase on CD. Maintained by the Technical Advisory Committee. Covers explanations of figures, terminology.
‣The Carousel Clubs (under the ICBDA umbrella) are a group of clubs worldwide who meet specific criteria to be a Carousel Club. They report monthly on dances they have taught. These reports are available to ICBDA members on the website
‣a Quarterly Newsletter covering round dance events and topics worldwide. Wide coverage on Convention happenings. The newsletters are available to ICBDA members.


‣is an organization open for both teachers and dancers
‣offers 3 dance meetings per year with instruction from nationally recognized teachers
‣offers a monthly newsletter with good educational articles and a listing of round dances taught by DRDC Teacher Members
‣meetings provide opportunity to dance to many different DRDC cuers


‣an organization established by round dance teachers as a framework for standardizing round dance figures, cue terms, cuesheet format and teaching methodology
‣membership open to round dance cuers only. Interested persons can apply for a subscription to various Roundalab material such as Figures manuals and videos
‣a yearly convention is offered with educational opportunities and evening dance programs for cuers and dancers alike. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF ROUNDALAB TO ATTEND.
‣dance information available to the general public on their website with more information available to members through a website login.