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Hurd’s Instructional Videos

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Below is Pamela Hurd’s letter to the dance community.

Hi Everyone,

George & I are currently healthy & biding our time living out the Global Corona Virus Pandemic in Mesa, AZ.  The Arizona governor has recently extended the social distancing & suggestion to stay home through the middle of May.  As many of you can agree, it’s becoming rather depressing trying to fill our days with useful fulfilling activities without our beloved Round Dancing!  Because of that, I thought of something I might be able to offer to our community!!  I’m sending this out in measured emails to try & keep from being blocked as junk mail.

Some of you might have heard of, subscribed, or otherwise used our on line dance education website.  Our website manager, Dave Sanford quit doing updates a couple of years ago, but has left the site available on line.  I started thinking that as long as it is there, it could be used.  I have no idea how long it will be on line & available, I have had not contact with Dave in a long long time.
George & I do not want any money for use of the website.  I have not been able to remove the button asking for money, so it is still active.  But I repeat – we do not, DO NOT want any money for use of this website or any materials found on it.  It is not a “secure” website, so use it at your own risk.  I have never heard of any issues from anyone using it.
In the meantime, here is the sign in info.  I cannot make any changes or add anything to the website, but anything on it is free for use.  I have no access to the site’s underlying functionality, so I can’t offer much in the way of technical use of it either, but it’s relatively easy to use & I just checked & it’s still available.  Feel free to send the info to anyone you think might have an interest in the teaches or clinics on the site.
User: dancer
password: spin17
We sincerely hope that we will soon have valid treatment procedures and a vaccine to help control this nasty virus so that we can get back to a somewhat more normal life.  We miss our dancing, our friends, our events, our travels, & send love & hugs to you all.
Thanks again & happy dancing!!!
Love ya,
Pamela & George