Snowbird Returning!

Yes, it is that time of year again when we expect our snowbirds to return to the roost. Some have been gone all winter and some have taken a few weeks here and there, but we expect all will be coming back to roost very soon. We look forward to seeing our friends again! Finding out what wonderful adventures they have been on and also finding out about any dancing they have been doing. We will all have some news to swap in any case!
For those of you returning this week, our workshops on both days will be brand new dances and both chas! Pat will have returned from sunny California and will be refreshed so she and John can begin their teach on this new and very popular cha on Wednesday! It is a very nice dance and certainly has been on my list of dances I have wanted to learn! Donna and John will be starting a cha as well on Thursday and we will also be reviewing some basic concepts about dancing cha and incorporating that into our teach over the next couple of weeks. We have been so pleased to be getting such positive feedback on “reviewing the basics” recently and will keep on the bandwagon with that throughout this teach.
According to the almanac, we can probably expect one more blast of cold before the warm weather and spring take hold for good. Nothing like a cha cha to get all those good endorphins flowing and positive energy spread about on the dance floor! Look forward to seeing the whole gang back in the coming weeks!

Winter/Spring Transition

It is Mar 6 and with warm temperatures outside, the snow is melting. We hope the transition to spring has started. At Capital Carousels though, spring will have to hold off for a few weeks as the end of our Winter Session has been moved to Apr 6+7 to make up for our 2 snow days we had in February. Our Spring Session will now be 4 weeks in length and run from the week of Apr 13-14 and end the week of May 4-5. The cost will be $28/person or $56/couple for the 4 week session. If you are paying per week, the fee will continue at $10/person or $20/couple. Also remember after our Spring Session ends, we will have some special visitors in on May 11+12 with a couple of bonus teaches-phase 3+4! JL and Linda Pelton will be with us and we get the benefit of their excellent instruction for just $5/person for BOTH DAYS! We will also celebrate immediately after Thursday’s session with a potluck lunch at Parkdale. What a wonderful way to end the Pelton’s visit and a fun 2 days. Can’t wait. Wednesday, May 18 will be our last day and a culmination of our dance season for 2015/2016. Both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers are invited and we will enjoy a full night of dance. Come and join us for our last dance of the 2015-2016 season!
With the spring comes the return of our snow birds! We look forward to seeing you all again and finding out about all of your adventures this year. Maybe even a few dances! It’ll be here before we know it!
It seems like it was so long ago when we started talking about Swing Into Spring. Unbelievable as it may seem, it will be here Apr 29-May 1. If you are wanting to go, now is the time to sign up. David Goss and Ulla Figwer will be back once again and as we know, they are excellent instructors. What levels are taught at Swing Into Spring are based on what levels the enrolled dancers have requested. They won’t know what level you want taught at the event if you don’t enroll and indicate it on the registration form. Sign up soon!
It seems like this year is flying by! We don’t want anyone to miss out on what’s going on as there is still lots to come in our dance season! See you on the dance floor!