Celebrating Birthdays

What a change this week! Beautiful weather and many of our traveling family have returned! Great to see everyone back in the nest. Thursday we had two birthday boys in our midst!! Al’s birthday was today and Walt’s birthday will be next week. We enjoyed some birthday cake and the boys enjoyed their legcrawls from all the Thursday morning ladies! What fun and good for a few laughs!
This past Monday we started our 4-6 Interest Group and had a nice turnout of 16 people attending! There are some bugs to iron out but overall the response was positive. This week we will continue work on the rumba, Something Stupid as well as the dance program. Thanks for the support and patience everyone!
This week both Wednesday and Thursdays groups finished their respective cha-chas as we move into the remaining 3 weeks of our regular season. Wednesday’s group will be working on Foxtrot where Thursday’s group will be working on Bolero. Remember as well, the Peltons will be here May 11+12. The signup sheet for our potluck lunch will be on Gavin’s desk. Please remember to sign up with your favourite dish!
As the weather improves, you might remember that Swing Into Spring will be held Apr 29-May 1 in Prescott. You can enjoy both squares and rounds and David Goss and Ulla Figwer, will be the round dance leaders again this year. Enjoy some time down along the St. Lawrence and learn some new dances and technique! It’ll be here before you know it!
Time is winding down in our season but we will be going off with fireworks! Fun times ahead!