You Asked For It!

We have talked a lot about our recent meetings and survey we had at Capital Carousels. Not only did it help us to come up with a game plan for our remaining season, it also told us a few things about what people would like to see regarding our teaching sessions. One point brought out was to introduce more reviews for dances we had already been taught recently and in years past. Another point was to have some reviews of particular figures we have been having trouble with. Beginning this week, you will have a chance to let us know what dances you would like a review on and what figures you feel you need help with. A signup sheet will posted on the stage at the clubs (by where the flyers are located). Please consider which dances and/or figures you might like reviewed and write them down on our sheet. This will help us plan for future teaching segments. Your webmaster/cuer and part time instructor has already indicated to Pat that in the spring session, any teaches that she pencils in for me, will be strictly reviews so please put on your thinking caps on and let us know what you would like!
Another area touched on in the survey was music selection. Some comments regarding some of our older dances vs some of our newer dances on the programs. Some people also felt some of the dances are difficult to dance to with regard to the beat. We will also have a signup sheet for this as well. Please indicate specific dances that you would like to hear more of-or hear less of.
With regard to all of this, the teaches decided upon would be based on not only popular request, but also what your instructors might see as an area of review needed. With regard to old vs new dances, being specific on choices is best. We may have a “preference” for one era over another, but I think we can all think of songs in the other era that we would miss dancing to, if it were removed or played less on our programs. Some of us may even enjoy dancing to both eras so specifics are very helpful.
To sum things up here, we at Capital Carousels, hear you about wanting some added dance and figure reviews to our teaching programs. We also recognize that we want to hear more of some of our dances we don’t hear too often and some dances we want to hear less of or not at all. What we would like now is for you to think about those specifics in each area I have outlined, and put your choices down on paper on our club days. There will be a separate signup sheet for both Wednesday and Thursday clubs.
Alright then! The plan is starting to come together. Get your choices in now and remember BE SPECIFIC!