Valentine’s Dance Coming Up!

As is particular fashion for us, Capital Carousels will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at our Wednesday and Thursday clubs with a party! A party means all dancing and no teaches for this coming week! We are very fortunate to have many dances in our repertoire that make planning a Valentine’s Dance a breeze for our programmer Pat. Lots of love songs to look forward to this week! Valentine’s not only means love to many people, but also sweets. This week at our coming break time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some Valentine’s sweets along with your coffee or tea! Yes, we will be celebrating the holiday of love this week and if you have something red and white in your wardrobe, please be sure to wear it! I’m sure there will be a camera or two around taking pictures!
As I mentioned, we will not be having any teaches this coming week, but both clubs can expect to find our newest mambo, “One More Tequila” on the program. The Thursday group has one more week of this teach to go, but we will be putting the portion of the dance you have already learned for practice. You are almost there so let’s give it a whirl!
Thanks to those of our members who have already given us some good information for upcoming dance/figure reviews, as well as, dances you’d either like to hear more of or less of in the future! Our signup sheets will continue to be posted back on the Parkdale stage for a few more weeks. Please give us your ideas! This will be helping to plan your future teaches and dance programs. Make the most of it with your input!
Have a good weekend everyone and remember that cupid will be in our corner this week at Parkdale!