Thank You!

At this point, all of our club members should have received word of the results of our current club meetings and survey via email or through a phone call. A special thanks indeed goes out to all of our club members for your input. It was most helpful. In general terms, our club will be continuing on through the remainder of this season at our regular club dates on Wednesday nights, Thursday mornings and beginning in the spring session, also Monday afternoons. Our fee schedule will remain the same as before and if you wish to purchase a session fee, you may do so with Gavin this week or pay by the week-your choice. For those wishing the session fee, you will receive credit for any purchased dance days so far this session. With regard to dance teaches, you will begin to see a reduced schedule of teaches and in their place some full dance program days. Along with some new teaches, you will also begin to see some reviews of dances already taught as well as some workshops on figures we have been having some difficulty with. In some ways, things are the same, and in other ways a few changes. Remember please that these changes will be in effect until the end of this current season and we will be meeting again in April to plan for next season. Based on our recent success here, we look forward to including you again in the process. Stay tuned!
Besides all the meetings, surveys and general discussion, the executive seems to have been also buzzing about something else! Have you taken a look at your Square Time lately? You now have two ways to look at it-either in paper form or online at We have had a change this year at our “Capital Carousels Journalist” position in the name of Linda Shannon. She has done a terrific job writing articles on what our club has been doing in the last quarter! She has really taken this position to heart and we appreciate her dedication to it. Thanks for keeping Capital Carousels in the public eye Linda! You are doing a great job! Be sure to tell her the next time you see her.
We are very fortunate at Capital Carousels to have many fine members, who volunteer their time to help with many jobs like refreshments, registration desk and pitching in to help at special events. Jobs like table setup, decorations, helping in the kitchen are all important tasks that are so easily completed when we have so many helpful people offering their services. Also from a cuer point of view, I’d also like to thank those guys out there who help me take down the speakers after dances. Although it is certainly something I can do, it is nice to have help with that “cumbersome” equipment. You guys are all champs in my books!
Thanks to all of you for your club contributions. You really help make us what we are!!