West Coast Swingin’

For the next couple of weeks at Capital Carousels, we will be West Coast Swingin’-at least during the teaching session. This dance will be a natural stepping stone from the dance we learned last year at Capital Caper, You’re Something Special To Me. For those of you who attended the West Coast Swing clinic this past June in Kemptville, this dance will not be the one taught there, but will include a couple of the new figures that were learned there. Arlo and I will be teaching this one so get ready to expand on your West Coast Swing!
Speaking of teaches, we turn our attention to Capital Caper this year and what will be taught there. Here is the list:

Friday afternoon-Phase 3 Quickstep
Friday evening-Phase 4 Tango
Saturday morning-Phase 5 Foxtrot
Saturday afternoon-Phase 4 Cha

This year Steve and Irene will be teaching a nice variation of rhythms. A rare chance to learn dances in a fun and informative way from some top notch instructors. Don’t miss out! See you at the Caper!