Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of our club members, friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend! May we all be blessed with the goodness of time with family and friends and of course, the bountiful harvest at our tables. Enjoy it however you choose to celebrate!

This coming week at the club, it will be a full dance program on both days. The dances we have learned recently you will notice are listed on the dance program twice. This is no typo! To gain more experience and familiarity with our teaches, we will begin featuring them in this way on our program for a few weeks following the teach. We trust you will enjoy this extra practice time. Pat and John will be watching as the dances are danced thru and if a significant trouble spot is noted, a quick review of that will take place in between the dance throughs. Not a full teach, just a spot review. Practice is always good!

If you haven’t looked at our Coming Events section lately, you might like to take a look. A few dance events coming up are Fall Fest-a combined square and round dance. Gavin has advance ribbons for that dance for $10/person. They will be $12/person at the door. Of course, our Capital Caper is coming up as we have been spotlighting in the past few weeks. Gavin of course will accept your registration at the club for that. Come for the full package or just select the teaching levels you would like. You have the flexibility and as always, a fun and good learning experience with Steve and Irene Bradt. After Capital Caper, our very own Ghostly Gala will happen on Wednesday, Nov 1! Not only is this a Halloween celebration but also a 5th Anniversary for Capital Carousels. We always have ingenious costumes from our members and will look forward to seeing “who” will arrive at our Ghostly Gala this year!

Get out your calendar and reserve some spots for some great dance opportunities ahead in our area. Again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time however you intend to celebrate!