Last Week Of Winter Session

This coming week will be the last week of our Winter Session. Here is hoping the snow will finally dissipate and we will begin to see some green around here instead of white. Perhaps our snow birds down south, can bring some nice weather back with them. We have missed you and look forward to seeing you all again. We know some of you don’t actually go south, but instead travel west and although you have had more winter than I’m sure you would have liked this year, you are getting a headstart on spring at least. Bring some back on your way home OK!
As discussed in our last executive meeting, fees will remain the same for the remainder of this year, so the spring session for 6 weeks will be $42/person or $84/couple. For those who wish to pay per day, the fee remains the same at $10/person or $20/couple. Gavin and Pat will be back at the beginning of our Spring Session, the week of Apr 5+6 and will accept session fees at that time. Just giving you all the heads up!
Come spring our 4-6 club will be resuming on Mondays from 1-3PM at the Greenboro Community Centre. The Spring session begins on Monday Apr 3, and we will also be running for 6 weeks. Your fees are the same as what are listed above. For our members who attended last fall’s session, you should have received an email from me this past week. We will continue to use Curt and Tammy Worlock’s Instructional Videos and will be starting with a nice Gloodt phase 5 waltz called, “Forever, You’ll Be In Love”. This should be a good coming back point for many of us and first week back, our program will contain all the dances we have learned thus far on Mondays. The program will be released next week, but for you eager beavers out there wanting to practice, there is a good starting point.
Hard to believe we are coming to our spring session already in our 2016-2017 season! Looking forward to less snow, more green, our traveling members coming back to the nest and catching up on all the news. Remember, with spring comes more dance events out there to attend! Please check out the Coming Events section of our website and see what’s coming up. See you next week!