Snow Day and St. Patrick’s Day!

Last week I was talking about St. Patrick’s Day, the beginning of spring and tulips. Instead we were inundated with snow enough to cause a cancellation of our Wednesday club. One foot of snow in places with about over two feet with drifting snow were what we found here in Winchester. The snow steadily continued on ALL DAY until around 6:30PM. For our Wednesday dancers, we hope that you were not too disappointed and managed to celebrate all that St. Patrick’s Day means yesterday. We did manage to proceed on Thursday. We were joined by Pat and Jill who even decorated the hall for us. Nice job guys! Jenny and Ziggy as always did a great job with refreshments with a delicious cake all in green and white. Special thanks as well to our own Daphne, who brought some cupcakes for us to enjoy! It was all good. I sampled both! I’ll admit it! As you can see from our picture here, a lot of our St. Patty’s Day decor flowed across the dance floor all morning. Everyone dressed with green and white, or green and black. Added to a festive atmosphere indeed! Thanks for the participation. Some of our music sounded a bit irish in nature as well-even between tips with a bit of “mood music”- “Black Velvet Band” and “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” to name a few. Lots of fun this past Thursday morning with lots of time for an “irish jig” and chit chat! Loved it all! Once all of our “picture takers” have sent me their pics, I will post them here. Give me another week or so. Thanks!
Next week, we will be back to our usual routine. Arlo will be joining me this week on the teaches for both our Wednesday and Thursday groups! On Wednesday night, we will be presenting a new phase 4 cha which will be basically a cue and do for everyone. We will look at a few components of the dance for review-primarily double cubans. On Thursday, we will be doing a review of viennese turns-both in waltz and quickstep and doing a general review of a dance which has been taught before, “Around The World”. Till next week-signing off!