The Flock Returns!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Canadian Geese returning home and in large numbers! Whether you see them, hear them or both, they can be spotted in many farm fields and parks around. As with the return of these beauties, we also anticipate the return of our own dancing snowbirds! The coming of our spring session usually is a good sign and we begin that this week! With the coming of spring, our Monday club resumes dancing phase 4-6 level and learning dances via instructional video. We will begin with a lovely phase 5 waltz by the Gloodt’s called “Forever We’ll Be In Love”. On Wednesday, we will be starting our spring session with an all dance night. A great opportunity to get reacquainted with those who have been away. Last Thursday, we had a bit of a survey with our dancers there, asking if they would like to review some of our recent dances, or have an all dance day. By popular vote, we will be doing some review of Herb’s Green Peppers and perhaps another glance at Viennese Turns.
With the coming of our spring session, you once again have the opportunity to sign up for a session fee or pay per dance day. Prices remain the same as they have been all year. Gavin and Pat have returned from their trip south and will be manning the registration desk to begin our spring session!
Looking forward to seeing all of our winter travelers and hearing of all your adventures. Hopefully we’ve had the last hiccup of winter! See you all on the dance floor!