Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tuesday will be the day for romance, roses and chocolates, but we got started early at Capital Carousels with our Valentine’s Day dances at both clubs this past week. This week was all about dancing and Pat came up with some nice romantic dances for everyone. It was nice and relaxed and yet we still felt in the Valentine’s mood with many people coming dressed in red and white to add to the atmosphere. After some dancing we had a bit of an extended break time where people wasted no time by all the visit and chit chat going around while enjoying some very festive cupcakes, candies and of course coffee or tea. Thanks to Ian and Ann for bringing our special treats for both Wednesday and Thursdays groups. We still had a few people out this past week, but others returned and we ended up having a few more people overall this week, so thanks for coming out this week gang! We had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day!
This coming week will be the last week we will be posting the signup sheets for requested teaches and also dances we want to hear more or less of on our programs. We are getting some excellent responses which will really help us with our teaches and programs. Pat has already incorporated some dances you have been wanting to hear more of on our program, so thanks for letting us know! We hope you will be noticing some changes as we go through the remainder of this season, and beyond!
So until we meet again my friends…have a very Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!