4-6 Interest Group Starts This Monday!

This Monday we will be starting our Phase 4-6 Interest Group using the Hurd’s Instructional Library for instruction! I have setup a new section of the website devoted just to this group where you can find the latest programs, cuesheets of dances taught and a location map for Greenboro Community Centre. We will have a dance program, a 40-45 minute set for instruction and a coffee break. Please bring your own coffee/tea cups as we continue our efforts to reduce waste and safe the environment. When you arrive at Greenboro there is an ample parking lot so you should not have issues with parking. Please enter the main entrance and turn left walking down that corridor. You will walk past a reception desk and we will be located in the last room at the end of that corridor on the left side.
As I have mentioned several times, we will be running this on a 5 week trial to see just what interest this type of format may generate. At this point we will definitely be focused more on phases 5 and 4. My general rule here is that if you feel quite comfortable with your phase 4 figures and are looking to increase your exposure to phase 5, this will probably be a good fit for you. Our first teach will be a phase 4+2 rumba to guide us in gently! If you are curious and wonder what we are about, come out and check us out for a week. Capital Carousels understands this is a new concept for our dancers here, but these teaches available through this online service are helping dance clubs who have lost their cuer/instructor and they want to keep current. Dancers are also utilizing this service as well to keep up their skills and keep current if their clubs have closed up. We really aren’t doing anything new here.
Capital Carousels is looking forward to seeing where this may take us! Please join us this Monday! We will see you at 2PM!