Our Winter Session Has Started

Our holiday break has now ended and we are thrilled to be moving on to our new winter dance session! By the looks on everyone’s faces both Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, it seems that all of our members at Capital Carousels are glad to be back too. Thursday morning, we had a bit of snow squall on the way in to Parkdale and were glad to the many who made the trek in. We understand those who could not make it given the circumstances.
There was no rest for our dancers though as Pat and John got us right back into the learning curve with foxtrot teaches on both days. On Wednesday night, we started reviewing, “It’s Always New To Me” phase 4 foxtrot by David Goss and Ulla Figwer. Thursday morning we started the classic phase 4 foxtrot, “Witchcraft” by Ken and Irene Slater. Both definitely good dances in their own rights. You will find the cuesheets for both of these dances in our set of links under “Dance Season”.
As you get back into the swing of things on the dance floor, you may be interested in attending a local round dance in our area. You will have that opportunity on Feb 6 as EOSARDA holds their annual Frosty Fling. This dance, set up to encourage beginner dancers to be out and about to other venues apart from their own clubs features both a square and round dance hall. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time right at our club! You can see Ziggy if you would like to purchase and they will be $8/person in advance or $10/person at the door.
It might be cold (and getting colder) outside, but Capital Carousels is confident we can make up for it while you are on the dance floor. Come enjoy the company and the exercise you get dancing at Capital Carousels!