Black and White Ball is Coming!!

With only 3 weeks left in our dance season, plans are underway for a special dance event for Wednesday, May 18th! We shall close our season with a splash with a “Black and White Ball”. Come dressed in something black, something white, or a combination of both! Celebrate our 2015-2016 dance season with this regal event! It will be an all dance night and no teaches. Time for dancing, time for socializing. A perfect combination for a memorable evening! Cost for this special evening will be just $5 per person! Can’t beat that!
About half way through our evening, we will take a short intermission for our club’s Annual General Meeting and our election of next year’s officers. Ziggy has recently sent out an email which shows what positions are open and their job descriptions. Please consider putting your “hat in the ring” for one of these positions. Not only is your help needed, but some fresh ideas will help to keep our club innovative and allow us to continue to grow. We look forward to having you on board!