Dropbox Unplugged!

Have you taken a look at our Dropbox site lately? Did you know we had one? Well, we actually talked about this in a blog entry several months ago, but I thought I would just taken the opportunity to refresh your memory!
This brainchild came to us, courtesy of our own members Lyn and Mike! As you know, Lyn has video’d demos and teaching segments at several Caper events as well as our regular club days. These include full demos of dances and in some cases, specific figures or sequences in a dance. All of this done as an extra learning tool for all of us. Mike comes in with his knowledge of Dropbox. This is one of those computer programs (otherwise known as apps) which allow us to store videos and other documents in a storage area called “the cloud”, and we can have access to it, when we would like to view it! Mike and Lyn have also expanded what we store in Dropbox by also storing documents! For some of Pat’s teaches, she provides a document at dances which covers some of the figures she and John have been working on during their teaches. Those documents can also be found on our Dropbox site! So if you have misplaced that document and would like to take a peek at it again, check on Dropbox. It’s probably there. Ziggy has also been joining the bandwagon, by contributing some videos he has taken at the club.
Thanks so much to those of you who contribute material for our Dropbox site. They say there are many ways of learning. Some learn well by reading the written word. Some learn well by visualizing something. The material that is presented on our Dropbox site is not always available on other video sites and harder yet to find specific video’d figures or dance sequences with commentaries! If you haven’t looked at it lately, please take an opportunity to revisit the site. You can find it under our “Links” page at the top of this page and go to the dropdown menu called “Dance Video Sites”. You will find Lyn and Mike’s Dropbox site toward the bottom of the page. Happy surfing!