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Well for our Wednesday night dancers we had a night off due to freezing rain. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as this or a flashback to 1998, but still mighty slick outside! Better to be safe than sorry! We had some of our members missing from our Thursday group, but everyone seemed to just enjoy getting back in the swing of things with a dance. Next week, we will be starting off our 2018 off to a great start with learning a couple of great dances. Pat has said she has had people ask her about a teach for the phase 4 rumba, Carnival and that is the plan for the next 3 weeks on Wednesday night. This dance is one of the most frequently played dances around and is a Hall of Fame Dance with ICBDA from 2010. Not an average phase 4, but once you learn it, it’ll be a favourite as it is for many. For Thursday, Pat and John will be teaching phase 4 cha called Lady Marmalade. This dance was also a very popular one in the days of Carnival (and perhaps a few years before it). Really fun dance! Great dances for both days! If you want to learn, or need a brush up on either of these dances, please come on out! I know there are videos of Carnival out there, and probably the best is on Glen and Helen’s site with the Rumbles dancing. I’m sure with a little digging, you can probably find a video of Lady Marmalade. We have many sources of dance video sites out there and some are even listed in this website! Please check our Dance Links link above and go to Dance Video Sites. The cuesheets are also already posted on the website for both of these teaches.
Speaking of website posting, the programs are posted for the next two weeks actually, so you’ve got lots of practice time!
We are starting 2018 off on a high note this year with two great teaches! Looking forward to seeing you back on the dance floor!