It’s Our Final Week of the Session!

Yes, we are at the final week of the session and also the final dance for us for 2017!! As a wind down for our fall session, we will just be dancing at the regular club sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. You will notice dances we’ve learned this session and also Christmas dances as we get into the Christmas Party mood for our annual “In From The Cold” Program on Friday!! The doors will open at 5:30 and as we set up, we will start our Potluck buffet at around 6:00. We will have a nice leisurely hour to eat and chat with our friends (and maybe a trip or two to the buffet line-all you can eat!) But not to worry about the extra pounds you think you may have put on, as we will be starting the dance right around 7:00. Just to reiterate, although everyone already knows, this dance is open to both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers. We have lots of dances for everyone to dance and out of 25 dances, I see 18 of those which our Thursday group can dance as well. Lots of dancing and fun times for all. Remember this dance is in support of Parkdale’s “In From The Cold” program which helps feed about 150-200 local people in need weekly. Every dollar coming to Gavin on Friday will be going directly to Parkdale. We are asking for a donation of $15 per couple. For anyone who would like to donate $20 or more, you will receive a tax receipt from the church. Gavin requests that if you will be paying by cheque, to please make the cheque out to Parkdale United Church.
Looking toward next year, just a note that we will be starting up again on Wednesday, Jan 10 and Thursday, Jan 11 for the winter session. The winter session will be 12 weeks in length with identical fee structure as the fall session-$84/single or $168/couple for the session fee or you can pay $10/person weekly. Just a heads up to our next session.
Lots of dancing ahead for us all and we will be capping it off with a wonderful evening of dancing and socializing with special friends, all in benefit for a great cause. We hope to see everyone this week and at the party! Get your dance shoes ready!