Thanks For Your Support!

On Friday night, Capital Carousels held its annual “In From The Cold” Christmas Party. As we get ready to break for the holidays, we get a chance to enjoy good times with friends with a great meal and lots of dancing! A favourite pass time of ours! With our potluck dinner, we had lots of food and lots of variety to choose from! Ian and Ann kept things under control in the kitchen and we thank them for keeping things streamlined where the food was concerned. Many of us made more than one trip up to the buffet table! It was delicious, but then we already know what great cooks we have at Capital Carousels. After our meal and social time, we had time to burn off a few of those calories with some dancing. We had a lot of variety of rhythms and something for everyone to dance to. We also had a number of holiday dances to get us wrapped up in the season thanks to Pat’s innovative program! If the songs of the season were not enough, Pat and Jill did a fabulous job on the decorations! You’ve taken Christmas lights to a new level! Thanks for all your hard work! Also thanks to everyone for your help with putting up and taking down tables, kitchen cleanup, floor cleanup, equipment put up and take down. We all make things easier with helping hands.
As we all know at the club, we have had a number of people out with illnesses this past fall, and this current flu/cold strain has really hit a number of us. We missed all of you who could not attend, and we wish everyone a HEALTHY new year!
Support happens in so many ways and dancers are known for their generosity. Parkdale United Church means so much to us as a club, it only makes sense for us to want to give back. With Parkdale’s “In From The Cold” program, we have the opportunity to do just that. With our donations, we help the church to feed needy people in our area on a weekly basis! I have often said this is the time of giving and this is such a special way that we can do that. I am thrilled to tell you that this year, Capital Carousels raised $813.50 for the “In From The Cold” program! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! This amount is more than what we have contributed the past couple of years and $200 more than last year. Thanks so much for your generosity! This party is an event where can celebrate the season with friends, food and dancing. We also have an opportunity to give back! The best of feelings!! Way to go Capital Carousels!
Well our dancing for 2017 is over now at Capital Carousels and we look forward to our new year in 2018! Our Wednesday group will start back on Jan 10 and our Thursday dancers, on Jan 11. More opportunities to dance those dances we’ve just learned, review some others and learn some new ones. Along with the club, there are also some outside dance opportunities available. Just check our Coming Events section.
Have a great holiday season everyone and cheers to a fabulous time on the dance floor in 2018!