Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish Jig?

I was Irish jigging,
Up and down I’d dance,
Feet a tapping on the ground,
Wiggling in my pants.

Leaping like a leprechaun,
Prancing all around.
I was looking pretty hot,
As sweat dropped to the ground.

My ordeal was almost over,
As I took my final stance.
The invaders were defeated,
I was Lord of the Ants.

Awww, yes! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we will be celebrating on both days at our Capital Carousels clubs. Come dressed in something green and we will dance a few Irish jigs in return!
With the coming of St. Patrick’s Day we are always looking forward to seeing more green in our surroundings, particularly outdoors. Spring is just around the corner. Our clocks spring ahead this weekend giving us an additional hour of daylight! We are also coming to a close with our winter session with 3 weeks remaining. Our friends who winter elsewhere will be returning to the fold here and tulips will be in bloom for our Nation’s Capital annual tulip festival. We should see many displays of Canada’s 150 Tulip this year as well, not only adorn our city parks, but also in many people’s yards this year. It should be quite a spectacle indeed!
This week of course will be all dancing as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so it’ll be nice to just dance and socialize. Expect some special treats as well.
Until then, have a great weekend and we will see you next week. Top of the day to ya!