Thanks For A Successful Meeting!

Welcome to dancing in 2017!! This past week, we began our year with a dance session and no teaches as we knew our club meetings, held on Wednesday and Thursday would take up probably more of our day than our break time could cover. We thank all of those who came out, but recognize we had some of our members (and executive), out with illness and also our members who are away for the winter months.
You know, you can never be sure how these club meetings are going to be received. I would have to say (and I’m sure others would agree with me) that our meetings were very successful!! In large part due to our members!! I was very proud to be a part of Capital Carousels knowing we have members who truly care for their club! It was terrific to have so much input from our members at the meeting.
Gavin’s input and Arlo’s presentation style also had a great deal to do with the meetings success and subsequent input from the members. Thanks guys and great job!
We gathered quite a few ideas and comments on both days. By now, you should have received your online survey asking you to complete the short questionnaire which will help us to determine our course through the remainder of this season. There is also a place to write in further comments so don’t hesitate to add them! For our dancers away for the winter, you are also encouraged to fill in the survey as you are also Capital Carousels members. We look forward to hearing from everyone. You will have until next Wednesday to finish and submit the survey. Please do so soon if you haven’t already. Wednesday will be here before you know it! The board will be meeting on Thursday after our morning club to review the findings and make decisions. We will, of course, be keeping you all in the loop!
So what happens next Wednesday and Thursday at the club? Well, as many of you know, Pat has been suffering with a bad cold through most of the holidays and it has really been hanging on into the new year. Because she has continued to feel “under the weather”, we have decided to have an all dance program for both Wednesday and Thursday this week and postpone the teach until Jan 25+26. At that point, we will start reviewing the mambo taught at Capital Caper, “One More Tequila”. That was a good dance and we look forward to having it on the program after our review. To refresh your memories on the dance, please check out Lyn and Mike’s DropBox site for the video.
That was a busy week for us indeed, but next week, we will be returning to dancing. See you at Parkdale and don’t forget to complete and submit your surveys!! You will be helping to shape our future plans!