West Coast Swingin’ at Capital Carousels

In the past few weeks, we have been West Coast Swingin’ at Capital Carousels! Building on what we learned at Capital Caper with Steve and Irene Bradt, we are working from the ground up learning everything from good starting position in West Coast Swing, the families of figures in WCS-sugar, passing and whip families and lastly the figures themselves! With many of our members with little to no previous experience in this rhythm, we are all working with a learning curve for sure, but the swing is coming along nicely! It is nice to see so many of our dancers really working hard at our workshops! This past Thursday morning, after putting on some practice hash cues before our morning started, it was so nice to see many of our dancers taking the initiative and just getting up and using the practice time!! Bravo to you all! John and I were so impressed, we have decided to put these practice hash cues on prior to both our Wednesday and Thursday sessions. These are purely voluntary for anyone taking our WCS workshops, but it is an excellent opportunity to gain more practice time. We do have some ground to cover in the next few weeks to get through the workshop and dance that goes with it, so please consider taking the extra time provided. Speaking of time…if you are the type of person who practices away from the club, you are in luck as very little room is required! Remember, we dance in a slot with this rhythm and some floor space in your kitchen, hallway or living room would work just fine. You also have the video demo of the Bradt’s doing the dance on Lyn and Mike’s DropBox site for reference. Every little bit helps!
West Coast Swing is a rhythm which has been gaining momentum in the round dance world in the past 5-10 years and we are happy to be bringing it to Capital Carousels. We appreciate everyone’s initiative to try it and I promise once you feel more comfortable with the figures, you will definitely find your groove for West Coast Swing!!