Please Note!

Just a couple of quick notes. I had an email from Jerry Callen today that the location for the WOW Weekend 2017 has changed. It is located in another school in London as the school they normally use was unavailable. They have released new flyers for WOW Weekend and I have the newest flyer posted on the website now. I have also sent Arlo the newest flyer which he will be converting into paper form and available at the club. If you have an older flyer, please discard. Next year’s festival will be a really good one with Randy and Marie Preskitt as clinicians. They are excellent instructors and we have done several of their dances including Right Here Waiting For You, When You’re in Love With A Beautiful Woman, Beat Of Your Heart and Laurann to name some. Please consider attending what will be an excellent weekend of dance!
Secondly, John and I will continue to put the West Coast Swing hash cues on before the start of the regular session for those wanting a practice opportunity. This will take place on both Wednesday and Thursday. We do appreciate everyone’s interest and extra effort in learning this new rhythm. It can only help and you all are to be commended! See you next week!