Capital Carousels Ghostly Gala Etc.

Yes, it is that time of year again and believe it or not, Capital Carousels 4th Anniversary! Time sure has flown by! This dance is certainly one of the highlights of Capital Carousels dance season and it just seems to get better every year! Lots of people in costume with lots of shocked looks and laughter as well. Despite whatever we are wearing though, we all seem to be able to dance. It must be in our blood!! Get it! Hee Hee! We have a lot of fun and a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere with all dancing and no teaching sessions. We get a chance to give our brains a bit of a rest….for a few days anyway. Pat has included a few halloween themed dances for the program and a few creeping doors and blood curdling screams may be heard as well. It is Halloween after all! As we have in the past we will dance throughout the entire evening and have our Halloween treats at the end of the night. There will be prizes for best costume and also a share the wealth. Imagine, you could end up as best dressed and the wealthiest person in town by the time the Gala is over! Always a fun time and nice break from our regular routine. Please come and help us celebrate our club’s Anniversary. You’ll have a howling good time!
In years past, our Thursday dance has not taken place due to other church activities, but this year we will be dancing on Oct 27-day after the Ghostly Gala, but we will not be dancing the following Thursday-Nov 3. Please take note, Thursday dancers!
Where the Ghostly Gala is, Capital Caper cannot be far behind. It will begin this Friday afternoon with the first of 4 teaches from the ever popular Steve and Irene Bradt! Lots of variety in rhythms this year and a nice chance to catch up and visit with our out-of-town guests! Looking forward to a great weekend with lots of great new learning opportunities, fun dancing and time with our dance friends! Life is good!
The dancing will be continuing on Sunday afternoon with the rebirth of EOSARDA’s Fall Fest! Bob Summers (Basic and Mainstream) and Andy Himberg-Larsen (Plus and A1) will be on squares and your cuer, Donna Stewart will be on rounds in between Andy’s square dance tips in the Plus-A1 Hall. A very special presentation will close out our very busy week of dance at Fall Fest when our own Gavin Currie will be receiving the Trillium Award for many years of dedicated service in square and round dancing! Looking forward to seeing many of our gang there as we cheer Gavin on!
Rest while you can gang and pace yourselves. This week we will be dancing at a feverish pace. I’ll be seeing you on the dance floor!