Happy Mother’s Day Etc…

Our 2015-2016 dance season has concluded……well…..almost!! We have 2 more weeks of dancing with Capital Carousels this spring. This coming week is our long anticipated week with JL and Linda Pelton! JL and Linda are cuer/instructors from Dallas, Texas and in conjunction with a vacation they have been planning to our area, they will also be spending part of it with us at our dance club! We are fortunate to have them teach a couple of dances for us, and we will also remember they are in “vacation mode” and allow them a chance to dance as well. Donna will cue the regular dance program both days. We invite both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers to attend both days (Wed-7-9:30PM and Thurs 10-12PM) for the low cost of $5/person for both days! Please remember after Thursday’s session, we will have a wonderful spring potluck at the church! We will all look forward to some scrumptious potluck dishes from our infamous cooks at Capital Carousels and also a chance to socialize after our two days of dancing. I can’t wait! Please remember to wear your name badges to our Wednesday and Thursday sessions. I realize we all know each other, but it’ll be helpful to JL and Linda as they are new in town. It should be a great couple of days on the dance floor this week!
The following week will be our final dance, “The Black and White Ball”. Please come dressed in something black, white or both. It will be all dancing and no teaches with, I believe, all of the dances we have learned this year including a couple of others. We will also be having a short annual meeting including the election of some new officers for the upcoming year. We need you! Please consider putting your hat in the ring for those positions which will be “up for grabs” this year. To finish off the night, Capital Carousels will be providing the refreshments. Cost will be $5/person or $10/couple. Sounds like a fun night! The paparazzi will be out the next couple of weeks, so please smile for the cameras and sign autographs as needed! Ha! Ha!
It’s been a great season gang!! Thanks for supporting Capital Carousels throughout the year! We couldn’t do it without your loyalty and support! As a thank you from Capital Carousels, we are providing these “windup” events at a reduced price with a lot of bang for your buck! We look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks yet!
And lastly…….Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Moms out there! You are a treasure to us all!