Capital Caper Central

Plans for Capital Caper 2018 are well underway and will be happening this year Oct 26-27, 2018. Steve and Irene Bradt will be back with us this year for 4 teaches and a Saturday night dance. There will be teaches on Friday afternoon, Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. Saturday, we will also be providing lunch in house at Parkdale and coffee and tea refreshment breaks throughout the weekend.
Our advertising blitz has begun with advertising locally, throughout the province and beyond. Our website is also a large portion of our advertising and promotion of this popular event. You will notice that we once again have a dedicated section on our website dedicated to Capital Caper. You can find useful information of the event there including the registration form and possible hotel options if needed. Want to know more about Steve and Irene? Their biography is also included there.
We have been running Capital Caper for several years now without a price increase. You will notice a slight increase in price for the cost of individual teaches and for the entire package. The entire package still provides a substantial savings. Saturday lunch is still being offered for those who would like it and is included. This modest increase will be helpful for us to continue to provide you with this very entertaining weekend in years to come. We thank you for your understanding.
Not only is this a fun and educational weekend with Steve and Irene, we also have opportunities to see friends we don’t see too often who come to our dance weekend from across the province. If you know of anyone who might be interested in our weekend, please tell them about it! Direct them to our website here for more information! Gavin is now happy to accept registrations and remember your friends! The more, the merrier at Capital Caper Weekend!