Snowy Days

Yes, ’tis the season as they say! We have already had 2 snow days thus far in 2018! Our Wednesday group has missed a couple of dances already this year. This is just a note to members of both of our dance days, if the weather looks questionable, please check your email prior to leaving, just to save you some unnecessary travel. Members without email will be contacted by phone. Last Wednesday’s snow squalls came on quickly later in the day and with a wallop! We would rather be safe than sorry and it seems the consensus agreed it was a wise decision to cancel. Looks like we have some snowy days ahead come mid week next week. Let’s cross our fingers, it doesn’t affect us!
Speaking of snow, the Frosty Fling is on this Saturday between 2-4:30PM at St Patrick’s High School. This is a combined square and round dance designed for beginners and is a good opportunity to support and encourage new dancers. Jean Clingin will be on rounds and Wendy VanderMuelen and John Charman will be on squares. If the weather looks questionable, please check the website to check the status of the dance.
From a personal standpoint, a big thank you to Ziggy, Gavin, Mike and Doug for helping with sound equipment duties in my absence. Without them, you would not have had any music to dance to, so THANK YOU!
This coming week at the club, Pat and John will continue working on Carnival-RB4 for our Wednesday dancers. On Thursday, for the next few weeks, you will be working on foxtrot figures in a variety of dances.
Yes, we will be tripping the light fantastic this week at Parkdale….barring any more snow days I mean!