2016-2017 Dance Season Starts Next Week!

Next week begins our 2016-2017 season at Capital Carousels! It all begins with our regular phase 3-5 Wednesday night group meeting 7-9:30PM at Parkdale. Thursday morning will be our regular phase 3-4 group from 10-noon at Parkdale. New to our roster will be our new beginner lessons and phase 2-3 club beginning on Thursday from 1-3PM, also at Parkdale. Lessons will be from 1-2PM and phase 2-3 dancing from 2-3PM. Our own Susan and Doug Connors will be running these lessons and club and we look forward to a growing group of dancers at Capital Carousels. Also new this year will be our phase 4-6 club learning dances from instructional videos by Curt and Tammy Worlock. We will be starting with the phase 5 waltz called Candlelight. I have already posted the cue sheet to our website here and you can review the video of the dance on Glen and Helen’s Dance Site. Please note this club will begin meeting on Sept 12 at Greenboro Community Centre from 1-3PM.
You have all received an email from Ziggy regarding our current rate structure for this session. You can review that email or check out our website here for those rates. As in previous years, please bring your own coffee cups for break time in helping to reduce environmental waste.
Programs for Wednesday, Thursday Morning and Monday are already posted on the website. As in all our recent years, you may download a copy if you wish.
Pat has had a large array of dances to plan for teaching purposes with all the recent dance events around and you can expect some good learning opportunities coming up.
Coming up as well in Capital Carousels future this fall will be our Ghostly Gala on Wednesday, October 26. We will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary as a club. Start planning your costumes now. Very soon after that on October 28+29 will be our own Capital Caper with Steve and Irene Bradt back with us. The dancing is just beginning…get your dance shoes and we’ll be dancing on air at Capital Carousels beginning NEXT WEEK!