Summer Caper Weekend Is Almost Here!

Believe it or not, the end of summer is almost upon us. With that, Summer Caper Weekend must be just around the corner. Yes, on August 26+27, Wayne and Barbara Blackford will be back with another round of teaches that will definitely add some more sways to our dance moves! Along with some summer night dancing, it’ll be a great way to “round” out our summer of dancing. Space is still available for Summer Caper Weekend so if you are looking for something big to finish off your summer of 2016, come and dance with us. If you have not yet registered, please be sure to do so now. Our website here has a special section devoted to Summer Caper and is found under the Special Events link at the top of the page. The flyer is available for download and local hotel information is also included if so needed. Come on out, see some old friends and make some new ones! Learn some new dances and figures from two of the best in the business! Trip the “light fantastic” with a fun night dance program on both Friday and Saturday night! Enjoy lunch and break time snacks as part of your registration! Come and support your club’s dance event and we’ll see you at Summer Caper!