End of Season “Officially” Here!

Well, it is officially “a wrap” for Capital Carousels 2015-2016 season. We closed out our season last Wednesday evening with a Black and White Ball. I guess you would never have guessed that from the picture! Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed a full evening of dancing and then some! Pat included many of the dances we learned this year and Donna even added a few in between tips for those who cared to dance. Jenny and Ziggy outdid themselves with our Ice Cream Bar at the end of the evening. A nice treat indeed to end the evening! Our Annual General Meeting also occurred about midpoint where a few changes were approved for our Bylaws and where our Executive was decided upon for the coming season 2016-2017. The following will be a part of your Executive for next year:

Ziggy Segstro-President
Vice President-Vacant
Secretary-Arlo Speer
Treasurer-Gavin Currie
Programmer-Pat Black
Webmaster-Donna Stewart
Member At Large-Pat and Jill Ivay
Member At Large-Charlie Stuart
Social Convenor-Vacant

Ian and Ann Webb have agreed to do refreshments for Wednesday’s group and Brian and Ann Gibbs have agreed to continue to run refreshments for Thursdays group. Ian and Ann have also agreed to cover refreshments and lunch for Summer Caper. Those responsibilities have yet to be determined for Capital Caper. Please consider helping us out and thanks to the Webbs and Gibbs for their contributions!
As you may notice, there are 4 lovely hanging planters in our picture. These were not just there for ambience or decoration, but were provided by the dancers for 4 entities in the club which are believed to go above and beyond the “call of duty” for the club. Those happy recipients were Ziggy and Jenny, Pat Black, John Mowle and Donna Stewart. I am sure I speak on behalf of all of these worthy people, and thank you all for the lovely flowers. I know we were all “tickled” to receive them!
We had a few paparazzi about again at our Black and White Ball! I would personally like to thank Ziggy, Pat Ivay and Charlie Stuart for helping me out with the photos for this event as well as our special event the previous week with JL and Linda Pelton! Pictures really do sometimes say more than words and add so much more interest to our website. I could not do it without you guys! Thank you! Speaking of pictures…the ones from JL and Linda’s visit are now in our photo gallery on our website here, including a few contributed by JL and Linda themselves. Thanks for the memories! I am still awaiting another source of pictures from our Black and White Ball. When they come in and are posted on the website, I will let you know.
As we go on a bit of a “hiatus” this summer, our website updates will not be of the weekly variety, but more of “on a need to know” basis. As per usual, I will let you know of any updates occurring. We will be having a club executive meeting fairly soon to talk about our upcoming season, lessons and the future of 4-6 dancing in our club and other things I am sure. We shall keep you notified via our website updates so check your email periodically this summer! Ha! Ha!
Enjoy your summer everyone! I know some of us will be doing some dancing in one way or another and I hope we will have a chance to meet up some this summer! Enjoy your summer, whatever you are doing!