Capital Carousels Welcomes JL and Linda Pelton

Although our dance season ended on the 4th and 5th, Capital Carousels continued dancing this week with a very special dance event featuring JL and Linda Pelton from Dallas, Texas! Combined with a vacation to our Nation’s Capital, JL and Linda added a stop to Capital Carousels on both Wednesday night and Thursday morning, teaching “Jumptown Jive” on Wednesday night and “Island Rumba” on Thursday morning. Both of these dances are choreographies of the Peltons. “Jumptown Jive” was actually originally taught at ICBDA in Greensboro last summer and “Island Rumba” was their first choreographed dance! Along with the teaches, Pat also put together a great dance program for both days which Donna cued, giving JL and Linda a chance to enjoy themselves a bit and dance. Also something special for this event was our potluck lunch after Thursday’s dance! What a wonderful bunch of cooks we have in our midst here at Capital Carousels! Thanks for your contributions gang! If you left the hall hungry, I’ll never understand it! Special thanks to Ziggy and Jenny, Brian and Ann for handling the refreshments over the couple of days and working the kitchen for the potluck. Also to those who pitched in helping with the food and tables. Thanks for the Welcome sign, Pat and Jill! Nice touch!
I have heard many positive comments from you all about the dances taught, the Pelton’s teaching style and how much fun they put into it. They also really enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know some of you if only for a little while. They will remember the “hoss” vs “horse” story for a LONG TIME, that is for sure!!
These newly taught dances will definitely be in our dancing future! They will be on this coming Wednesday night at our Black and White Ball, Donna’s Summer Dances and in our dance seasons to come. A full compliment of pictures from both days will be added to our Photo Gallery section of our website here when I have received the pictures from our hard working paparazzi-Ziggy, Patrick and Charlie. You guys were the greatest! Thanks for the teaches and memories JL and Linda! We have sure enjoyed having you here!