Coming-Phase 4-6 Dancing!!

Have you ever thought you might like to be learning some dances beyond a phase 4 or 5? Do you see some videos at that level on the internet or being played on programs at dance festivals and wished you knew how to dance them? Well, some of us have thought that too and we have thought of a way to learn some of those dances and taught by top notch instructors as well! Starting Monday Apr 11 thru Monday May 9, for 5 consecutive weeks we will start a 4-6 group where we will learn this level of dance via videos! The Hurd’s Instructional Library to be exact! For several years now, George and Pam Hurd have been videotaping their teaches they do during their dance season in Mesa, Arizona and making them available thru a yearly subscription online. These are excellent teaching videos with a demo of the dance, and then divided into parts e.g Intro, Part A, Part B etc. Providing excellent instruction, demonstration of the figures and a point for the dancers to practice. It has been used by many people or groups of people who have lost their club, instructor or both and it’s a way to keep up all the latest dances while keeping up their skills.
During our 5 week session, you can expect some dance time of primarily higher level 4s and 5s and perhaps a few 6s. We will have ample time for dance teaches with Donna as moderator, running the video. This group will function as highly interactive, learning together and helping each other with the steps. We will be easing in with a nice 4+2 rumba which will be a nice blend of challenge and fun. I believe you will really enjoy the dance.
At this point, this is called the 4-6 Interest Group. The 5 weeks is being used as a trial to see if it is a concept we would like to continue. As it is a very new dimension to our current dance structure, we will see how things proceed along as we go. After our 5 weeks is over, the club will determine if it will be plausible to continue in the fall.
The sessions will be held at Greenboro Community Centre, 363 Lorry Greenberg Drive in Ottawa. It is easy to find and ample parking. It is a nice size room with a 55″ wall mounted TV, where the video will play from. As this is a trial run, the cost will be $7/person per day or $14/couple per day. We will not have a session fee at this point.
If this is something you have been hoping for, please come out and see for yourself. If it is something you hadn’t really thought about, but feel you would like to see how it works, come out and try! Dancers who feel quite comfortable dancing at a phase 4 level and have some basic knowledge of phase 5 figures might be interested in this. All you can do is try it out! Hope to see you Apr 11!