A Couple Of Our Own Win A Big Honour!

On October 30 at this year’s EOSARDA FallFest, a couple of our own were bestowed a great honour! Gavin and Pat Currie received the Trillium Award of Merit from the Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation for “exemplary service to the square and round dance community” in Eastern Ontario. Having served in many capacities, not only at the club(s) level, but also at the Association level for numerous years they have more than met the criteria for this award. Our own Pat Black presented Pat Currie with a lovely bouquet of flowers on behalf of Capital Carousels. Pat says she never felt she deserved any recognition for this as Gavin did it all, but beside Gavin stands a woman who has supported his endeavours for many years. Very deserving of recognition as well and she really was thrilled with the bouquet!
Our Gavin has held posts in various square and round dance clubs for many years balancing the books in many of these clubs. He has also been involved in EOSARDA with roles which include booking halls and leaders for dance events, working with Square Time delivery and again offering sound advice on financial issues involving the Association.
It felt a bit like a family affair with Pat presenting the bouquet on behalf of Capital Carousels, and also our own Peter Courdin and Karen Remy, representing the Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation, presenting the Trillium Award for Merit to Gavin.
Well done you two! We at Capital Carousels have always known the depth of dedication you have held for not only this club, but with every endeavour you are involved in with square and round dancing. A very hearty congratulations from all of us at Capital Carousels!