Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

There once was a green leprechaun,
who jigged with his pointy shoes on,
to the left and the right,
he could jig through the night,
Till the break of St. Patrick’s Day dawn.

I guess there is a bit of the Irish in all dancers then! Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is this week and in our usual fashion here at Capital Carousels, you can expect some Irish dances to keep the jig in our steps, the pot of gold at our refreshment table, and I suspect, many of our dancers in green to celebrate the holiday. Bring your 4 leaf clovers and lucky charms. We are going to have some fun-St. Patrick’s Day style! We will still have our usual workshop and dancing, but there will be some dances with Irish Influence as well! Look forward to seeing everyone.
To those of our members who have been out with various medical ailments, we think of you often and wish speedy recovery for you all with hopes of seeing you on the dance floor soon. We should also begin to see some of our snow birds trickling in soon. The Canadian Geese are back and that means our dancers shouldn’t be far behind. We look forward to seeing you again and rekindling our friendships.
On a personal note, a special thanks for your patience dancers as I worked not only as your cuer last week, but also moonlighted as photographer and videographer! I took many pictures and videos and could only put so many in the little movie trailer I did highlighting our lessons. I have a few hoops to go through before putting it on the website, and with Arlo’s help from Kathmandu, I hope to make it happen very soon. I have already released the movie trailer on Facebook and in about 2 days we have had 725 views! We have had more activity in the past 2 days on our Facebook Page then we have had in the past 6 months! Let’s keep the momentum going! If you are on Facebook and I don’t know about it, please check out our Capital Carousels page and “like” us! If you aren’t on Facebook, maybe you’d like to try it out!
Remember to wear your green and bring your lucky charms. Let’s keep all this good karma going and we will see you on the dance floor!