Thanks For The Interest….4-6 Interest Group!

For 5 weeks this spring, some of our dancers with a common interest to learn more dances being done internationally at the phase 4-6 level got together to learn dances via the Hurd’s Instructional Library. We learned the phase 4 rumba of the Shibata’s called “Something Stupid” and the Armstrong’s phase 5 foxtrot called “Capone”. With many of us in the common place of learning unfamiliar figures, with a collaborative effort, we helped each other along and learned something new to boot! We also had a dance program where we danced to dances we don’t do very often as well as a few new ones! Everyone seemed to enjoy the concept of learning from video and watching the Hurd’s demonstrate the figures although we did have some difficulty with the audio. We all seemed to help each other out though and we saw more and more participation and interaction of our dancers as the weeks went on which is what we were striving for.
We danced at a new dance facility for many of us, the Greenboro Community Centre in the east end. It is a nice facility with ample parking. Our room has a wall mounted TV which everyone had no problem watching and also had air conditioning on those days when it got a bit warm. A small kitchenette area for refreshments as well. Special thanks to Ziggy and Jenny for covering refreshments for this venture.
The momentum for this new approach to learning seemed to grow week to week! I appreciate the support which our loyal band of followers provided to me with everything from encouragement of what was being done, to helping with setup and cleanup of the hall. Thank you so much gang!
As you know, a decision as to whether to continue with this group will be made by the Capital Carousels Executive Board this summer. As I had mentioned before to our group, if you enjoyed this and would like to keep it going, mention it to one or more board members! Having a united voice may just tip things in our favour! I will certainly let you know the results of the meeting.
In any event, I would like to thank those dancers who came every week, those who came when they could and also to those who came to at least give it a try. I am glad you have had a chance to experience dance instruction in a new way and hopefully, we can continue to do so as a new level club for Capital Carousels for our 2016-2017 dance season!