Dancing-Go Figure!

Valentine’s Day is but a sweet memory and it is back to business at Capital Carousels. We have been learning plenty of dances these past few years. For a change of pace, we are in the midst of looking at specific figures and all requested from the club members. We had spent about 3 weeks on foxtrot and this past week we started on some rumba figures! It is always a good thing to take a step back every once in awhile and revisit how some of these figures are done. Not only does it take some of the hiccoughs out of some dances, but we can actually dance better as a result. It is not a see one-do one-teach one activity. It takes practice and that is what these series of figures clinics is all about!
Just a reminder to you about a big event happening right here at Capital Carousels May 11 and 12th! JL and Linda Pelton, Round Dance Cuer and Instructors from Dallas, Texas will be with us to give us the benefit of their expertise with 2 teaches-one on each day! These teaches may be slightly longer than our typical format, but we will have warmup rounds and dances after the teach as time permits by our own cuer, Donna. Our guests are on vacation after all, and we would like to also give them an opportunity to dance and socialize and make some new friends “north of the border”. After the dance session is over on Thursday, May 12, we will all have a chance to enjoy a delicious potluck lunch. We all enjoy food, and we know we have fabulous cooks in our midst at Capital Carousels, so get your favourite recipe and let’s all enjoy a wonderful lunch and what I suspect will be a great way to wind up our special event with JL and Linda. This is a special event and will not be a part of our regular spring session. However, as a thank you to all of our Capital Carousel club members for your continued loyalty and support, the price will be just $5/person or $10/couple and that includes BOTH days. If you choose to attend just one day, the price remains the same so make the most of it and plan to attend both days. There will be a phase 3 and a phase 4 dance taught during the Pelton’s visit so definitely something for both our Wednesday and Thursday groups. If you would like a flyer, there is one posted in our Coming Events page, which you will be able to download as you wish. I will also have some copies at our regular dance sessions.
Beyond this event, there are plenty of dances listed on our Coming Events page. Lots of dances to put all of these figures clinics to good use. Practice those figures. Your dancing will be better for it!