Spring Fever!

Originally posted by Donna Stewart March/29/2018 09:14 PM

The snow is melting! The temperature is rising! Soon our flower bulbs will be emerging from the ground! Ah yes….spring is here and when spring is here, we at Capital Carousels also head into our last session of the season. Our spring session begins next week. This will be a 6 week session. Wednesday will be from April 4-May 9. Thursday, April 5-May 10. The cost will be unchanged. $7/day per person for the session fee, or $10/person at the door. As the Wednesday group had a couple of snow days this year, if you had paid a winter session fee, you will get credit for those days towards your spring session fee.
We still have teaches being done during the spring session as well as one week for just dancing. We will also be welcoming back some of our friends who dance in warmer climates. We look forward to welcoming you back to the fold!
Looking to the end of our season, we will be having our final dance of the season and Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 16. As per usual, this dance is open to our club members from both clubs. More details to come.
Speaking of more current topics, we will have brand new teaches to start off our spring session. On Wednesday night, Donna and Arlo will be teaching a new West Coast Swing. For those of you who attended the WCS Workshop that Leo and I did last June, this new dance will include the figures “tummy whip” and “underarm turn with triple travel with roll” we taught there. These are the only new figures in the dance. If you dance on Thursday and would like to attend, you are more than welcome! On Thursday, Ziggy and Jenny will be teaching a new phase 4 rumba with super nice music and a beautiful dance. This dance will certainly be a nice addition to our Capital Carousels portfolio of dances.
As a closing note, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter weekend. May you enjoy your weekend in whatever way you celebrate! See you next week!