Irish Eyes Are Smiling at Capital Carousels

Irish eyes were smiling this week at Capital Carousels! An all dance day was on tap this week at both clubs. We had some irish dances and plenty of chances for some irish jigs. Special thanks to Pat and Jill for the awesome decorations and to Ian and Ann for the yummy irish themed treats we had at break time. It was also nice to see many of our dancers dressed for the occasion. We were a walking (or dancing) billboard for St. Patrick’s Day! Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery on the website here for pictures from both days. Thanks so much to Ziggy for taking the pictures!
Next week, we will be back to business as usual with a teach on both days. John and Donna will be working on waltzes at both clubs for the next couple of weeks. We will be waltzing into Parkdale this week! See you then!