New Dance Season Has Started!

Well we have officially started our 2017-2018 dance season here at Capital Carousels! It was nice to see everyone after our summer break! The one thing noted about our first week back at Capital Carousels is that it seems that first week always feels like summer! Higher than average temperatures, but it didn’t stop the dancing at Parkdale! It was also nice to see some of our friends we haven’t seen in awhile, even beyond our summer break! Thanks for coming out and we hope to be able to see you more often. We also hope that those of our members who are affected by various ailments will begin feeling better and able to join us. You are missed!
We began our first week easing into things by just having a dance night. A good way to find our dance feet again and get reoriented to dancing. This coming week, we will be starting in earnest where Pat and John will be teaching a phase 4 rumba to both our Wednesday and Thursday clubs. This year, we thought we would do something a bit different by having our teach a bit earlier in the program and our coffee a little later in the program and after the teach instead of before. We will start with a warmup set of rounds which will get us limbered up, and then begin the dance teach. Our goal is for a session of 30 minutes for the teach. Our thinking was to have the teach earlier when we are a bit limbered up and minds still “fresh”. Coffee later in the program will be more around the 1/2 way point and nice to have that extended break at that point.
We will try this new format for awhile and see how it goes. We hope you will find yourself more refreshed for the teach and enjoy the extended break afterward.
Just a gentle reminder that Capital Caper will be coming up on October 27&28 this year with the Bradts. I know we have known about this for awhile now and the start of the new season always triggers our memories about this event. Gavin is hoping to have many registrations from our club, so please make plans to attend and as always have a great time with Steve and Irene and seeing some of our friends from other areas. You can get your registration form off the website or there will be some at our regular club days. Very convenient to get your registration and payment to Gavin in person. We look forward to seeing you at the Caper!