Happy Easter!

We had a very nice start to the weekend with wall to wall sun and warm temperatures. Over the day today, it has become overcast and has been raining. Look on the bright side! This rain should green things up quite nicely!
As our season dwindles away, we have been doing reviews as requested by many of you. Pat and John have been giving us some much needed review of tango with the dance Black Tie Tango. Promenades, links, viennese turns. Feeling like it’s coming together and fills in some of those blanks most of us probably had. We will have continued review of this dance next week. Thursday has been working on jive figures and specifically some found in Cat Daddy with both Pat and Donna. Sailor Shuffles, glide to the side and traveling sand steps are primarily what we have been working on this past week. We will continue with Cat Daddy next week with “the mooch” among other figures. Our Monday club has also been back these past couple of weeks where we have learned a nice phase 5 waltz called Forever We’ll Be In Love. Many of our Monday group will also be attending WOW in London in June and Donna has been putting dances on our program we just might see on theirs! This Monday, our group will not be dancing with the centre being closed for Easter. We will be back the next week though, where we will be starting a phase 4+2 rumba called Tears In Heaven.
Toward the end of the month, on the 26th and 27th, we will be having a group meeting to discuss next season, providing you with information your executive has discussed at our recent meeting, and in return, looking for your ideas and comments! We look forward to hearing from you!
We have about a month left to go in this season, with our final dance being on Wednesday, May 17 celebrating Canada’s big year with a Canada 150 Dance!! We will be celebrating all things Canadian so please come dressed in red and white! Canadian dances, door prizes, share the wealth, decorations and of course, refreshments! We will also be holding a short Annual General Meeting to cover needed yearly business and get back to dancing.
Swing Into Spring and WOW are also on our radar at Capital Carousels. Be sure to register soon as time is drawing closer! Swing Into Spring will be featuring Jerry and Bonnie Callen on rounds where a slow two step clinic will be conducted and perhaps a phase 4 foxtrot or 2 on the agenda. Sounds like a good weekend. At WOW this year, the Preskitts will be the featured instructors. Hailing from Washington State, they are a bit far from home and all the more reason not to miss this rare event! A real “diamond in the rough” this couple with years of teaching experience, beautiful dancing and amazing choreography. Hope to see you there. There will be a phase 3 teach on Friday night during the evening program. On Saturday there will be a phase 4 and 5 teach and a full dance program on Saturday night. A review is also offered on Sunday morning to solidify those dances learned over the weekend.
Lots of dancing left here at Capital Carousels and beyond. Dance shoes-don’t leave home without them! Happy Easter everyone!