Capital Carousels Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree!

Originally posted by Donna Stewart December/17/2016 08:55 PM

How nice it was to get together as a club on December 9th! Capital Carousels held our annual “In From The Cold” Christmas Dance and we had a bit of everything there! Feasting, Singing, Storytelling and yes….Dancing!! We began the evening with a vast array of food made by our members. Yes-potlucks are the very best!! Lots of main dishes to choose from as well as many types of desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth at the end of the meal. After dinner we heard different members stories of the holidays. Everything from a Redneck Christmas, the story of Christmas trees in Aruba and the meaning of Hannukah! After that, we had a very interesting version of the 12 Days of Christmas-complete with audience participation!! Yes, we did come for some dancing and we had plenty of it to end out the rest of the evening. We also had a lot of Christmas dances to keep the atmosphere festive!! Along with all the fun, we also were there for a special benefit for Parkdale’s “In From The Cold” program. As we know, Parkdale feeds about 200 less fortunate people in the Parkdale area and we are proud to announce we collected $620 for the cause! A very special thank you for our 29 attendees as without you, we would not have been able to reach this goal! Many thanks everyone!
Lastly, the night would not have been the same if it had not been for Pat and Jill Ivay and their amazing decorations-including some new ones they made. Thanks so much for making the hall so festive for us all. Also, thanks to Ziggy and Jenny who keep everything under control in the kitchen. They run it like a well oiled machine! Also thanks to all of you for your assistance with table and chair setup, food table setup and help with setting up decorations with the Ivays. Thanks to Gavin as well for his keeping track of donations for our special benefit. Last but not least, thanks to Pat Black for her involvement with the Christmas party as a whole! Pat was instrumental in moving our party to Friday night, the idea for the potluck and also the storytelling and singing!
Thanks to all of you who came out and at Capital Carousels we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy your break and we will see you in January 2017!!