What’s Happening

Now that the website is working more in our favour, it’s time to get back to our communication blog here on the information superhighway! October is just a day away and we’ve already had a full teach in each of our clubs and working on the 2nd one. Monday’s have been off to a good start with a nice phase 5 waltz which has been helping us brush up on some figures. We have been learning this season with Curt and Tammy Worlock’s Instructional Videos and everyone seems to be enjoying that form of learning as well as the dance programs! Our Wednesday and Thursday clubs have been learning some dances that were taught at Summer Caper by Wayne and Barbara Blackford and are “jiving” their way along on the 2nd teach at both clubs, “Cat Daddy”. With all of the club’s do diligence, unfortunately we were unable to sustain a new set of beginner lessons. Special thanks to Doug and Susan Connors as instructors, as well as Pat Black and other members of the Capital Carousels Executive for their work to publicize round dancing to area groups and in an online presence. Perhaps we will find the magic potion to recruit dancers in the future.
Speaking of magic potions…..Capital Carousels Ghostly Gala will be held on Wednesday, October 26! What creative costumes will be in store for us this year?? You have a little less than a month to think up a costume for our Gala. This will be our 4th Anniversary Ghostly Gala. We’ve had some very inventive costumes in the past and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year. Remember, this event is not a part of our scheduled session. Cost is $16/couple and $8/person. It is an all dancing and no teach night. Share The Wealth, Best Costume Prizes, Ghoulish delights and some delicious potions to go along with it at the end of the evening. Don’t miss out!
Following the Ghostly Gala will be Capital Carousels own, Capital Caper Weekend featuring Steve and Irene Bradt! This will take place on Oct 28+29 and will feature 4 teaches-an introduction to West Coast Swing teach on Friday afternoon, Friday evening will be a phase 4 foxtrot, Saturday morning will be a phase 5 rumba and Saturday afternoon will be a phase 4 mambo! Saturday evening will be a dance to top off the whole weekend with Steve cueing the entire evening! We look forward to adding a new rhythm to our portfolio at Capital Carousels and another mambo will also be a great addition. We all know that rumbas and foxtrots are such mainstays in our activity! We are glad for more of those as well. Lunch is included as well and has been a big hit addition to our Capital Caper Weekends. Please register soon. You can download a registration form from our website here and provide payment at the club or by mail. Couldn’t be easier! Looking forward to a fabulous Caper! See you there!
The dancing is not over yet however. On Sunday, Oct 30 from 2-4:30PM, you can attend EOSARDA’s Fall Fest being held at St. Matthew High School in Orleans. There will be 2 square dance halls-Basic/Mainstream and Plus/A1/Rounds. The Rounds in the Plus and A1 Hall will be phase 2-4 and your cuer, Donna Stewart will be cueing that afternoon. Also….a little bird has told us that Gavin and Pat Currie are in for some kind of surprise that afternoon….! I know you will not want to miss out on that!
I know the last full week of October will be a full one with lots of dancing! It’ll be great seeing our friends, learning lots and enjoying each other’s company. There will be more ahead through the end of the year including our “In From The Cold” Christmas Dance which this year will be held on Friday, December 9! This will allow more of our members to attend and enjoy the holidays. This year will include a potluck dinner before the evening dance! Bring your favourite Christmas dish and we will enjoy our Christmas meal with our dancing family followed by a night of dancing. Also please remember that ALL proceeds collected at the door that evening will be donated to Parkdale’s “In From The Cold” Program which serves meals to around 200 people in need. Such a worthy cause to support a church that has supported us for many years. More details to come on this so stay tuned….Till next time, signing off!